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Fantage Rares + Free Gems January 12, 2014

Posted by astrid in Fantage Help And Cheats, Fantage Updates.

*Ugly Sobbing* Exams…. A few more to go….

On the bright side, Fantage changed the layout of Rare Items. If you go to the Wizard’s Domain and click on the list, you can see the different combinations along with the list of items

Picture 29


(Example: The Polar Bear hat is back and it says on the top you can get it with 3 moonstones. But remember, theres also other items you’ll get with 3 moonstones so theres always a level of chance with getting any rare item!)

If you need a head start with getting gems, go over to Downtown, or even just check outside the Wizard domain to get some free gems, regular ones and ecoin gems!

Picture 26


Picture 27

Picture 28


Heres some tips for getting gems:

  • Secret Adventure is one of the easiest ways to get gems. Just play a certain level with a lot of treasure chests. (Like round 1 or 2)
  • For Magic Pop, just hold down the spacebar for a long time
  • Candy swap is the most active, but fastest way to get gems

Also, remember that as you get rare items, your rare medal will level up if youre a member! Have fun guys!



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