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Theatre Week! March 8, 2014

Posted by astrid in Fantage, Fantage Holiday, Fantage Updates.

Fantage has opened their third Youtube Video contest, and the details are all out!

You could make a movie about the time you walked on water and became Jesus? A dramatic acting of saving your pencil before it hits the floor? Or Sherlock Holmes and the mystery of why my posts are never on time?

….. Hehe

Picture 6

Picture 12

So this contest is focused on using items from the wardrobe in Zach’s Acting Academy. Basically what the wardrobe does is it allows you to find any item on fantage, and wear it while in the acting room.

I was a bit confused on how you use the wardrobe at first since Ive never been in the Acting Academy so heres a quick walkthrough and some time stamps for items

1. Go into Zack’s Acting Academy and enter a stage.

Picture 15

5. Once in a stage, click the wardrobe button in the top left-hand corner.

Picture 16

Now, there will be lists of release dates and months that you have to put in to get your item, and experiment with some. This is easier if you have a good memory, but Ive found some popular items you might be looking for:

Basketball hair: Mar 2011, Hair

Pink Bunny Tee: Mar 2010, Tops

Frisky Blonde: Aug 2010, Hair

Purple Hair w/ Tiara: Aug 2009, Hair

Bunny Nose: Apr 2011, Body Acc.

Cool-Cat Hair: Nov 2011, Hair

Arrows: Feb 2011, Body Acc

Stylish Fall/ Autumn Hair: Aug 2009, Hair

Remember, these items are for keeping, and they disappear once you leave the stage or open your inventory. This is always available to members, but non- members can use it ONLY during this event!

Thanks Guys!



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