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Party on the Cruise August 9, 2013

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The things you can do during this event:

event info

There are limited items that can be found in Uptown and Downtown:

limited items

You can also buy a new waiter costume and ones from older events.

waiter costumes

There is also a new comic that you can read.


On Sea Breeze, you can win prizes for playing Jelly Shuffle during this event.

jelly shuffle prizes

There is also a new game on Sea Breeze called High Dive.

high dive sign

Here are the instructions:

high dive

Basically, you wait till the bar goes up to the red, and click your space bar to jump off the diving board. Then it tells you specific arrow keys to press to do tricks. If you miss one, you fail the dive. It’s very simple.

high dive game

Also, there is a new menu.

chez fantage

The more you serve, the more you level up. And with the new cleaning costume, you can get extra stars from cleaning dirty dishes from tables.

chez fantage


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