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Fantage Rares + Free Gems January 12, 2014

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*Ugly Sobbing* Exams…. A few more to go….

On the bright side, Fantage changed the layout of Rare Items. If you go to the Wizard’s Domain and click on the list, you can see the different combinations along with the list of items

Picture 29


(Example: The Polar Bear hat is back and it says on the top you can get it with 3 moonstones. But remember, theres also other items you’ll get with 3 moonstones so theres always a level of chance with getting any rare item!)

If you need a head start with getting gems, go over to Downtown, or even just check outside the Wizard domain to get some free gems, regular ones and ecoin gems!

Picture 26


Picture 27

Picture 28


Heres some tips for getting gems:

  • Secret Adventure is one of the easiest ways to get gems. Just play a certain level with a lot of treasure chests. (Like round 1 or 2)
  • For Magic Pop, just hold down the spacebar for a long time
  • Candy swap is the most active, but fastest way to get gems

Also, remember that as you get rare items, your rare medal will level up if youre a member! Have fun guys!


Fantage Holiday Blowout Pt.2 + Tips on Earning Tickets December 27, 2013

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I hope you all had a wonderful time with all your loved ones on the 25th! What did you all get for Christmas?

Well, on that day, Santa stopped by his cabin on Mt. Fantage with presents too.

Picture 11

Its a christmas tree tank top for girls, and a shirt with the same concept for guys.

Picture 13

Its all fun and games until Santa leaves…. and then BAM! DR. FINKELSTEIN IS BACK TO RUIN ANOTHER HOLIDAY (Talk about the Grinch…)

Picture 14

Theres two more minigames you can play to go against Finkelstein and his shadowboss, which brings me to the next segment…

Tips on Earning Tickets:

  • Stand by the tree on Mt. Fantage while wearing Blue, Red, or Yellow. You get about 30 tickets every minute or so when the next tree lighting comes. (You dont even have to do anything)
  • Play Shadowboss at the carnival. Its really easy; just click on all the targets that show up, and you get about 35-50 tickets each round. I played for about 8 minutes and walked out with 450 tickets
  • Try all the minigames! This is a pretty long event with a bunch of stuff, and tons of prizes at the booth!

Also, welcome new authors! It’ll be great working with Aprsept and Moomoo. Im pretty familiar with your blogs too 🙂

See you guys for New Years at the Ball drop! Im definitely ready for 2014!


Fantage: Chocolate Challenge! September 20, 2013

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The new party has been released! The Chocolate Challenge!

Picture 5

This event will last from Today until all the way to the 2nd of October. The different parts of the whole party will be released over time. (Maybe a chocolate tree scavenger hunt? Finding some weird choco-monster? Cookie monster? >: D) But yes, this post will be updated once the other parts come out

9/20- Friday

– The Cookie Catcher game:

This group game is located at the carnival, near the ticket stand.

Picture 6

So, when you walk into the chocolate house, a screen will come up, telling you the rules and what team you will be on. (You might have to wait a bit if another game is in session)

Picture 10

The game is simple, Click on the cookies falling from the ceiling for your team, and the team with the largest amount of cookies, ultimately wins, and gets golden tickets. (Members get x2 the amount of tickets)

So… What do we do with these tickets?

– The Ticket Booth

The ticket booth is in the carnival (as always), but this time, its open. Here, you can trade in the tickets you got from playing the Cookie Catcher game for a bunch of prizes

Picture 7

The items with a star in the corner means its only for members, same with buying items all across Fantage. The items that are locked will not be released until the said date on the bottom.

Picture 8

And if we scroll down to the bottom.. we see that the ultimate prize, worth 3000 tickets, is the Chocolate Challenge Medal!

Picture 9  Picture 18

– Chocolate Fountains

There are two chocolate fountains located around Fantage. One in the Castle, and one at the Carnival. (inside the Castle, and to the left at the carnival. These Fountains work the same though. All you have to do is walk across the, click here and there a few times (Its hard going through at the right place), and you will turn into a piece of fruit, or SOMETHING dipped in chocolate. Yummm.

Picture 13

-Limited Items

Find these chocolate inspired limited items at the Limited Items cart!

Picture 3

Well, thats all for now. I’ll update this post later with new and exciting additions to the party once they are released!

Picture 16

Picture 14

Thanks Guys!


Back To School! September 5, 2013

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Hey everyone! Summer is coming to a close and school is starting again… sigh. Well, for me, school started like 2 weeks ago…

Picture 3


Lets see  what can we do…


Picture 5

First, we can go find the teacher in either Downtown or at Fantage school to help her get ready for school. There are some easy minigames to complete and you get some sort of prize for completing each one.

Now, for some of you who arent very good at grammar and etc, heres the corrections you have to find for the Grading papers game:

Picture 12


Three of the prizes are just starz and the other three are medals/levels, and a t-shirt.

Picture 6

Picture 10

Picture 9



Next, you can get on the school bus in downtown and play simon says. The school bus comes around like once every 3 minutes so you’ll have to patient!

So the Simon says game is like posing for a fashion show, and yeah I suck at it. If you get one move wrong, you get kicked off and you end up at Fantage School.

Picture 11




Third, you can the game quest thing at Fantage school! The sign outside says that if you play all those games, you get a prize.

Picture 8


TIP: The trick here is that you dont have to even win the games, but you cant just open the game then exit. I saved myself some time by purposely losing each game 😛

But yeah here the prize you get after youve “played” all the games:

Picture 13



Next, theres a new category for the Off the Hook game located in the gym of Fantage school. Go check it out?

And last but not least, theres the usual Limited items cart in downtown.

Picture 2



Well, have fun guys! Good luck in school!

I’d like to know when you guys start school or if you’ve already started, hows it going? Comment your thoughts!

Bye guys!


Picture 16

Fantage Mermaid/Underwater Event July 26, 2013

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This is a weird event. A weird, weird event.

(Also, sorry for not posting the last event, I thought I’d give the others authors a chance to post but they didnt take it)

Picture 10

So Yeah, Kawaii, the owner of Sun Block, has been turned into a mermaid and we have to get her back. Go see Orion in Uptown to start the Gem Scavenger Hunt!

Picture 3

Picture 12  (The Opal is at the Dock)

Picture 18 (Topaz on the Cruise Ship)

Picture 19 (Garnet on top of the Lighthouse)

Picture 20  (Amethyst in the Underwater Tunnel) YOU NEED A SUIT TO GET TO IT

Now, bring all the gems to Orion to get your prize! (A Shirt and a sticker)

Picture 21

Now, you can go Seahorse Catching! Get a scuba diving suit and go over to the underwater tunnel.  (You can get up to 50+ levels from this! :D).For scuba Diving (Its a whole different thing) Get near the coral on the right and click the “Play” button when it appears.

Picture 2

Picture 9

Also, there some limited items too…

Picture 1

And thats pretty much it. Have fun guys 😛


Fantage Summer Camp Out Event July 12, 2013

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Fantage has released the Summer Camp event!

Picture 5

The Summer Camp was first introduced  last year, the same time the campgrounds were built. if you’ve noticed, the campgrounds were not open until the summer event came. But now that it has arrived, there is much to do!

Picture 13

First, you should go to the campground and check out your cabin. There is a boy’s cabin, and a girl’s cabin. Inside, you will find a free gift waiting for you. Click the duffel bag containing your gift. (The gift is for both members and non members)

Picture 16   Picture 21 (its a t-shirt :P)

In the cabin, you can also participate in the pillow fight by simply going over to the wardrobe and putting on pajamas, then clicking the pillow fight button on the left side of your screen. This will bring up a circle thing with a cross (crosshead?) and all you have to do then is click on a user to throw the pillow. (Beware, they will most likely seek their revenge :P)

Picture 20

Next, you can purchase canoe costumes (which were similar to last year’s I think?) to go fishing in the lake for starz and fish!

Picture 10

And while we’re on the subject of purchasing things, you can check out the limited items cart.

Picture 9

Finally, Fantage has made an old-fashioned Boys vs. Girls event at the island concerning the beach fashion shows! Its a Fashion Showdown! Play the Beach Fashion show now for not only levels, but all the points you get for each game will be added to the grand total for your gender, and the winning gender will get this huge statue put up for them at the camp!

Picture 14

Have fun and I’ll see you later, Campers!


Trading Cards January 18, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

Fantage have added trading cards and the game ‘card quest‘ to the game! The sign in downtown shows you some information 🙂

So you must go to the Oasis to get started!

Then go left a little bit to see The Desert Jewel where can you can buy cards!

Click on Raj to see the packs which you can buy

Once you have bought as many packs as you want then exit and click on the Card Album symbol on the bottom left of your screen.

Now you can look at the cards you have. To start working on your deck press ‘Deck Builder‘ on the top right.

There you can select which cards to use in your deck. If you press ‘Card Info‘ you can see what you need to know 😀

A good deck should contain 5 of each symbol and make sure that the card values are high!

Once you have your deck of 15-30 cards you can play Card Quest! Click on the sign at the Oasis to start

Here are the rules! Good luck!! 

Also, check out the new rares at the Wizard’s Domain!!


~ Wind & Slippy ~

New Game Thursday January 15, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

This Thursday Fantage will be seeing a brand new game located at the Oasis. It’s called Card Quest!

A new game means you can get a higher gamer medal level! So make sure to head on over to the Oasis on Thursday.

Also, congratulations to Dinamina for winning the user-inspired items contest!!

I was lucky enough to meet the winner and congratulate her for such a great design!

In Peace Police news, we have decided to host an event every Saturday from now on. The time will be 4pm Fantage Standard Time. In our last event not many people came again! 😦 If you joined the Peace Police then please try to turn up for every event! If you don’t then we have no hope of stopping bad behavior!


~ Wind & Slippy ~

Fashion On Ice December 13, 2012

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Hello Windippians!

Today Fantage have released the new Fashion On Ice event!

Fashion On Ice 2


You can buy skater costumes at either Downtown, Uptown or The Beach.

Skater costumes uptown

There are 4 costumes available at 3,000 Starz/eCoins each.

Skater BoysSkater Girls


You can buy them all at once for 10,000 Starz or 8,000 eCoins if you want a discount!

Skater bundle 2

After you have bought these costumes, head on over to the beach to get to the ice rink and earn some items!

Wear your skater costumes and go to the ‘Start’ light on the rink. Make sure you are wearing a costume though or it wont work!

Skating Santa

You will then fly gracefully through the air and do a perfect landing…

Skater prize


Or maybe not so perfect… Anyway look what it says when you’re done! Prize!! You can get 4 different prizes depending on which costume you wear when performing. Compete with all your costumes to get all 4 items!

Brown Skater RewardBlack-haired skater reward

Blonde skater awardred skater award

Finally, if you are wearing the costumes you can appear on the Jumbotron!

Top Performer


What do you think of Fashion On Ice?


~ Wind & Slippy ~

Feather Hunting Event! November 20, 2012

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Hello Windippians!!

Fantagians can now take part in the new Feather Hunting Event!

To start you need to get the feather hunting items available at Downtown and Uptown from this Fantagian

All of these items are 2,700 Starz/Ecoinz each but you can buy them all for a discounted price of 10,000 Starz or 8,000 Ecoinz!

Now that you have bought these items stay at Downtown or Uptown and you will see feathers of all colors falling from the sky. Click on them to catch them! (Note: You must have the colored costume of the feather you click on in you’re inventory in order to catch it!!!)

You can check your feather count by clicking on the feather hunt icon on the left of your screen!

As you can see, you need to catch 10 feathers of the same color to unlock that colors certain item. If you catch all 50 feathers (10 from each color) you unlock the grand prize!

After you have collected all the feathers, you can do it again and unlock some cool feather hunter stickers for your IDfone or to give to friends!!

Have you collected all the feathers?

(P.S You can now get to our blog by typing http://www.fantage.tk or http://www.fantasticage.tk)


~ Wind & Slippy ~