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Fantage Holiday Blowout! December 22, 2013

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The holiday season has started, the perfect time for a holiday party on Fantage!

Theres a bunch of things you can do from now until January, but they’ll be released later on. (I will update this post).

Picture 23

Tree Lighting!

To light the tree, go to Mt. Fantage and wear blue, yellow, or red clothing items. The lights on the tree will turn whatever color youre wearing.

Santa’s Cottage

Santa’s cottage is back, and its at the same place it always is, Mt Fantage. Sanata isn’t here yet though. You’ll have to wait until Christmas!

Picture 28

Limited Items

Here are the Limited Items for this event! Very christmas-y

Picture 20

Limited Holiday Pet

Blizzy is back! Go to Downtown, Uptown, or Pet Town to buy your holiday egg! If you already have a Blizzy, you can get the free item.

Picture 21

The Train

Picture 29

Theres a christmas-y train that stops at Downtown, and gets off at Mt Fantage. Be patient and wait for the train to come! 😛


You can send gifts to your buddies for Christmas! Click on the gift button in the upper right hand corner. (I hope I get gifts 🙂

Picture 17

Ticket Booth

The ticket booth is back and you can exchange your tickets you get from those holiday minigames for prizes! theres a minigame at Mt.Fantage, and more minigames will be release later on during the event!

Picture 19


Sorry that I missed the last event guys :/

Happy Holidays though!

Picture 30



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