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Fantage Update: Hair Dye (Why This is Awesome) March 21, 2014

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This Fantage Update is probably one of the best things ever to happen. As an art person and person who likes to do edits, this is EXTREMELY USEFUL. Heres a list of ways you can use it to your advantage!

Picture 35

1. Recoloring and Edits

Want to make edits but youre not the best at recoloring? Just dye the hair, take a picture, and move it to your edit. You dont have to buy it each time, just take a screenshot.

2. General Hair dye-ing.

Have this wonderful hair style in your inventory but you really dont like the color? Dye it!

3. Easy matching for outfits

Sometimes I go through my inventory to put together different dress/top and bottom/board/hair outfits, and they all go perfectly…. and then the hair I wanted to use just isnt the right color. Hair dye!

4. Realistic, Great idea

I really like how Fantage made it only 10Ecoins if youre a non-member using hair dye. Its not permanent, just like real hair dye, but its really cool while it lasts.

Picture 38

In real life, Im the kind of girl who always has her hair dyed. Right now, its a dark red and its fading back to my natural black hair color. Hair dye is one of my most favorite things ever, and I’m glad it has come to Fantage 🙂


Picture 43 Picture 15 Picture 41 Picture 46

See you later!


Cupcake Conundrum- A Poem February 14, 2014

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(Warning: This will probably be the most spontaneous and cheesy poem you will ever read)

Hearts, chocolate, and love is in the air;

Fantage’s Valentines’ Day party is now here!


Buy some inexpensive but beautiful furniture gifts for your friends,

using the button next to the daily quiz!



Theres some sweet minigames at the cafe,

Frosting Fuss and Cupcake Chaos is how I’ll spend my day.

Cupcake Chaos gave me 42 tickets per game, and Frosting Fuss gave me 15.

You’ll have to play a lot to get those prizes we’ve seen!


Now look at these limited items, my favorite time of the year,

where the cutest, pinkest, dresses are here.


Now get dressy,

lets get messy!

Theres a chocolate fountain at the carnival.

Walk in a beauty,


walk out looking yummy!

Dont be jealous of my effortless, cheesy poetry,

you can write one too, you can do better than me.

So spill out your heart, my master of words;

its not so hard.

Write it all, in a Fantage card.


Happy Valentines Day, guys!

Planning to do anything special today? 😉

Fantage Winter Freeze! January 25, 2014

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Picture 5


So if you live in North America, you might remember that Polar Vortex that went through, and how cold it was. I have a theory that Fantage got inspired by that to release this event…

As usual, there are Limited items, but lets look at the Ice Rink thats opened on the beach, and the limited crops you can plant in your Fantage garden!

Picture 8

Heres the ice rink at the Beach. My only problem here is that if you look around, the seashell collecting is still here….

Picture 7  Haha… Niiiiiice

Now, if you go to your farm, (either at your house first, or you can click the button to take you there in your idphone), you can grow the limited plants

Picture 10 Picture 15

The Freezia plant and the Peppermint Pine tree are in the back of both their tabs, and you can grow them for A LOT more EXP than the rest of the plants (For the trees, its a bit different)

I HIGHLY RECCOMEND you grow the Freezia plant, because it really helps you level up your farm medal quickly. I planted five, and gained four levels.

Keep warm in the winter everyone! See you soon!


New Bloggers Selected! December 27, 2013

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Hello Windippians!

Wind here, I know it has been SUCH a long time choosing some new bloggers but it’s honestly because I completely forgot about it!

I have to say, Loutus has done an absolutely superb job in updating this blog, it makes me happy that this blog has been used by countless Fantagians for information since March of 2008. almost 6 years!!

Now, I have looked at all the applications (They never showed up in the comments section because I had to approve them first) and I can announce that Aprsept and Princess_MooMoo have been chosen to help Loutus maintain this blog, congratulations! I also hope that now there are more people running this site then Peace Police events can return, keep an eye out for those!

For those who applied but were not successful do not worry! We may always need new bloggers in the future!

I’ll now leave you all in the hands of the new bloggers, I shall return in March 2014 for a special 6 year anniversary party!

Until then,


~ Wind ~

Fantage Holiday Blowout! December 22, 2013

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The holiday season has started, the perfect time for a holiday party on Fantage!

Theres a bunch of things you can do from now until January, but they’ll be released later on. (I will update this post).

Picture 23

Tree Lighting!

To light the tree, go to Mt. Fantage and wear blue, yellow, or red clothing items. The lights on the tree will turn whatever color youre wearing.

Santa’s Cottage

Santa’s cottage is back, and its at the same place it always is, Mt Fantage. Sanata isn’t here yet though. You’ll have to wait until Christmas!

Picture 28

Limited Items

Here are the Limited Items for this event! Very christmas-y

Picture 20

Limited Holiday Pet

Blizzy is back! Go to Downtown, Uptown, or Pet Town to buy your holiday egg! If you already have a Blizzy, you can get the free item.

Picture 21

The Train

Picture 29

Theres a christmas-y train that stops at Downtown, and gets off at Mt Fantage. Be patient and wait for the train to come! 😛


You can send gifts to your buddies for Christmas! Click on the gift button in the upper right hand corner. (I hope I get gifts 🙂

Picture 17

Ticket Booth

The ticket booth is back and you can exchange your tickets you get from those holiday minigames for prizes! theres a minigame at Mt.Fantage, and more minigames will be release later on during the event!

Picture 19


Sorry that I missed the last event guys :/

Happy Holidays though!

Picture 30


Vintage Gold November 9, 2013

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The era of Trade and Sell is over, and a new shop has come! Vintage Gold!

Picture 11

So Here’s the concept of it: Everyday, four old items will be available for everyone to purchase. But member items stay member items, but you can also buy them with ecoins. The prices of these items are high than usual, but still at a reasonable price. This way, you wont have shirts that cost 90000000 starz anymore!

The awesome part about this shop is that people have a chance to vote on which items will appear in the shop in days to come by using the “vote” button in the upper right hand corner. You can also see the schedule of which items will be on sale by using the button next to the vote button.

Picture 12



During December 5th- 11th, you will have a chance to give the items back for a FULL REFUND of whatever you paid to get it. For example, I bought something for 10,000 ecoins. I will be able to return the item (if I want), and get the 10,000 ecoins BACK. This is here so that anyone who got scammed or paid an unfair amount for an item will be able to get their starz/ecoins back.

Picture 13

So yeah, it’ll take a while for people to stop elitism over items, but it’ll happen soon. Now, I think its back to levels or maybe still items. Idk but leveling up has always been my focus.

Well, see you guys soon!


Fantage Zombie Invasion October 24, 2013

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The dead are walking…. ITS A ZOMBIE INVASION ON FANTAGE! (I didnt know that Fantage characters could die)

Picture 7

So um Zombies decided to come celebrate Halloween with us. How kind of them. Well, as you walk around Fantage, you’ll see that the only place that is completely safe from the zombie’s attacks are Uptown and Downtown that are protected with force field things built by Gizmo.

Picture 10      Picture 8

Might as well check out some Limited Items while we’re hiding from the Zombies..

Picture 11

But what’s out there? Go to the Carnival to play Zombie Escape and see if you can survive in the “Zombie world”

Picture 13

So Heres how you play:

Picture 15

Basically, all you have to do is move around and not touch the zombies as they’re walking across. Some tips for you guys:

– Use both your mouse and your arrow keys. Sometimes you can get stuck in places and your arrows will really help you out

– Its a lot easier to play games with less people

– Move a lot. if ANY part of the zombie touches you, you’ll be out

– Stick to the top instead of the bottom (no pun intended). Theres way more space up there.

And if you do survive the mini zombie attack…

Picture 16

So what are these tickets for you ask? Head over to the ticket booth right outside of the Zombie attack cabin to exchange them for prizes:

Picture 12


Pumpkin Carving-

You know that pumpkin you carefully selected at pet town during the Autumn Festival? Now, you can go back to Pet Town to carve your pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern!

Picture 8


Choose a design and just hover your mouse over all the dotted lines

Picture 17


When youre finished, you’ll get a prize (This was my prize, I chose the white pumpkin)

Picture 18

Good luck and dont let the zombies get you!


Fantage: Adventures in Wonderland August 28, 2013

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Fantage’s Adventures in Wonderland has been released!

This party is similar to the one we had last year, and both were based off of Alice in Wonderland. Here’s some things you can do…

Picture 8

First, we can go into the rabbit hole like Alice did in the forest and arrive in some sort of strange garden with the red queen and the rabbits. Here, you can play some games with the Queen, or you can click on the rabbit to start your scavenger hunt..

Picture 20     Picture 11

You can also go into the rose garden and put on a special costume to help paint the white roses for the Queen. You get starz and a prize if you work with other people to get all the roses painted. (I’m not sure what the prize is but I’ll post it once Ive figured out…)

Picture 16

Now back to the scavenger hunt… Here are the things you have to find:

Picture 10

The items are all located in the “Wonderland” in the Rabbit hole.

Picture 17 The jam is on the top of the entrance to the rose garden

Picture 14  The sugar cubes are top of the hedge inside the rose garden

Picture 12 The butter is right by the white rabbit

Picture 13 The lemons are up in the tree by the caterpillar

Picture 15 The teapot is on the left hedge inside the rose garden

When you collect all of these items, return them back to the brown rabbit and get your prize:

Picture 19

You can also get your limited items, as well as Wonderland items from the 2012 party.

Picture 7

Picture 9

Well, there we go! Have fun guys, and I hope this helped!

P.S. I am selling my rose painter costume (ecoins)  for WAY CHEAP if you want it for this event. Go to Trade and Sell and look for sales under my username, “_loutus_”


Hiring Again… Again! August 28, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

We recently chose Loutus, Casey, and Pinkstarbritney to keep this blog updated however they, no disrespect intended, have not been posting as often as we’d like, for this reason we will be hiring more authors AGAIN. Below is the exact same post we used last time, we will be choosing 3 more people to blog for us. I myself do not play Fantage very much so if you are chosen as a blogger treat this blog as your own, it is the oldest Fantage blog around (Over 5 years!!!) and it means a lot to me and i don’t want to see it inactive. We’ll make our decision in one week from now, good luck 🙂

~ Wind & Slippy ~

You may have noticed we have not been posting a lot recently, this is because we have both been very busy! So because of this we will be hiring authors to post for this blog!

The last time we did this was 3 years ago and we hired the then famous duo Sameer and Canada! 

Do you think you have what it takes to blog for the biggest Fantage fan site since 2008? Apply by completing this form and commenting on this post.

You have until the end of June to apply. We will make our decision in July.

Good luck everyone!

~ Wind & Slippy ~

What is your username on Fantage?

What year did you join Fantage?

Are you a Premium Member on Fantage?

Have you blogged before? (If yes what website do/did you blog on?)

How often do you play Fantage?

Do you know how to screenshot?

What programs do you use?

Addition information (Why should we choose you?)

Party on the Cruise August 9, 2013

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The things you can do during this event:

event info

There are limited items that can be found in Uptown and Downtown:

limited items

You can also buy a new waiter costume and ones from older events.

waiter costumes

There is also a new comic that you can read.


On Sea Breeze, you can win prizes for playing Jelly Shuffle during this event.

jelly shuffle prizes

There is also a new game on Sea Breeze called High Dive.

high dive sign

Here are the instructions:

high dive

Basically, you wait till the bar goes up to the red, and click your space bar to jump off the diving board. Then it tells you specific arrow keys to press to do tricks. If you miss one, you fail the dive. It’s very simple.

high dive game

Also, there is a new menu.

chez fantage

The more you serve, the more you level up. And with the new cleaning costume, you can get extra stars from cleaning dirty dishes from tables.

chez fantage