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Fantage Moonstone Gem! July 11, 2011

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Sameer1000 here! Fantage has announced that there is a new moonstone gem!

“Attention all Fantagians! Check out the new Moonstone Gem! This otherworldly gem crashed landed into Fantage and will give you access to SUPER cool Rare Items! Head over to the Wizard’s Domain to pick one up! Make sure you play Staries, Bubble Bug, Magic Pop, and Candy Swap to try and win a Moonstone Gem! It’ll be tough—this gem is the rarest of them all so you’ll have to get a great score…”

Fantage also announced that there is going to be a Moonstone Party from the 8th to the 11th of July. If you log in every day during the party, you will get a free moonstone gem!


-Sameer1000, fantasticage

New ways to find out when you’ve leveled up! July 11, 2011

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Hi guys!

Sameer1000 here! I’ve decided to continue posting on this website as it has gone down since the last time any post was made on this site. Hopefully I can get it back on track! Fantage has announced that when you level up or gain a medal, your player will start glowing!
“Attention all Fantagians! Tired of always checking your IDFone to see if you leveled up? Ever wonder if you got a medal? We released fun, sparkling notifiers so you always will know what’s going on with yourself AND your friends! Whenever you get a medal, level up, become premium, or receive a new title—a glittery glow will encircle you!” 

-Sameer1000, fantasticage.wordpress.com