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Admin Items February 3, 2013

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Hello Windippians

You may have noticed that Fantage have released Admin Items because some admins are ‘retiring’, these are available at Downtown or Uptown.

The truth however is that this is a lie.

Himani isn’t retiring. She had to leave Fantage on doctors orders because of her health almost 4 years ago. Here is the email she sent me (Click to read).

You can see the date in the top right corner; 11th February 2009. Further proof that she is no longer part of Fantage is her IDfone, it hasn’t changed for 4 years! (She is on my buddy list, this is how i know).

She was the nicest Admin i knew, i was the 4th user of the week for the Comet and she met me on Fantage in my home and took the time to interview me in order to make the featured member page a bit more unique. She also complimented me on my house and asked for any suggestions for Fantage. She also added me. She was a lovely person.

As described in her email, she became very ill and because of the sheer amount of work Fantage staff undertake she had to leave. 

Himani has always been, in my eyes, the architect of the ORIGINAL Fantage which i grew so fond of that me and Slippy started this blog about it. When M became head admin, Fantage changed. I once got banned by M because i said to him “Himani was better than you” Look at the picture! M is the alien on the left.

However, M is not a bad admin at all. I just believe that Himani was kinder and more involved with the Fantage community. 

I get upset when i remember Himani because of something else; the story of Himani’s dog Yummy, who passed away at such a young age. Himani was not payed enough by Fantage to help Yummy and Fantage did not encourage employees to have days off and so Himani wasn’t allowed to spend a lot of time with her beloved pet before he died. I get very emotional reading how her dog deteriorated and she couldn’t do anything about it because of Fantage (The story is below, click to read).

Himani was a lovely person and she didn’t deserve what happened to her or her dog. This is why i am extremely annoyed with Fantage for saying that she is ‘retiring’ when really she had to leave because she was ill 4 years ago! Fantage is using her name to promote these items so that we Fantagians are tempted to buy memberships or eCoins, it’s really bad!

I am going to contact Fantage and ask for a full apology, it’s the least we deserve! I have cancelled my premium membership and i refuse to renew it until they apologize!! Also, all future Peace Police events are to become Protests until this is resolved.

Re-blog this and help spread the word!

~ Wind & Slippy ~