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Seashell Collecting July 2, 2013

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seashell collecting

You can collect seashells on the island to get items now.


Check out all the cool things you can do!


Buy the costumes to collect seashells! The bottom costume is for non-members. The top costume is for members.

first one

second one

third one

Collect enough seashells around the island to turn them in for items.


The seashells are easy to spot (they will have a white glow on them). Just like the one close to me!

prize items

If you are lazy to collect seashells yourself, you can buy the prizes with ecoins.

high tide

There is a new shop on the island called High Tide. You can buy swimming items there!


The Resort is to the right of the High Tide shop. You can play the new game Tropical Tangrams there.


Here are the instructions for playing the game.


There is also a lot of updates on Fantage!


high up

Buy the bubble buddy costume at Downtown or Uptown and float up into the sky in a bubble!


There is a new Premium Member gift for July! Grab your colorful swim wears now!


If you plan to buy membership or ecoins, you will be able to get a free board or a free costume!

That’s about it! I hope you are now caught up with what’s happening on Fantage.

~ pinkstarbritney ~ 

Zack’s Acting Academy June 2, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

Sorry about our last couple of posts, we did not get a chance to update them!! 😦

Anyways, A Theater has arrived in Fantage and you can find it next to the School!

The Theater looks a little small when you are there…

Inside you have a choice of 3 different stages to choose from!

As always with any event we can buy Limited Items!

More coming soon! (Promise!)

~ Wind & Slippy ~

Prom 2013 May 13, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

The Fantage Starry Nights Prom has started!

Take a look at all the awesome stuff you can do!


~ Wind & Slippy ~

Michelle’s Date April 11, 2013

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Hello Windippians!

Michelle has started  her date with Zack!

We can buy limited items to celebrate! 😀 Boys can look like Zack and Girls can look like Michelle!!

These are available at Downtown or Uptown. You can save by buying them all at once for 12,000 Stars or 10,000 eCoins!

But when Zack and Michelle were picking their outfits for the date all of their clothes got scattered around Fantage!

So they need our help to find them!

Here are all the locations in alphabetical order:










You can find the clothing hunt medal at a different location everyday. Today’s location is Mt. Fantage!

It starts at level 1 and go level up to 3 if you are a non member or it can level up to 7 if you are a premium member!

Phew! Now we found them all there’s one last thing we need to do; Serve Michelle and Zack some food at Chez Fantage!

Buy the waiter costumes then you can begin the game Table for Two!

Once at Chez Fantage you need to go upstairs and that’s where you can find Michelle and Zack and begin the game!

If you do well you can earn the Table for Two Medal!

After a long day it’s time to challenge Zack to a dancing duel at The Palm!

Beat his score and you can win a special outfit!

Did you like this event? Leave a comment!

~ Wind & Slippy~

April Fools 2013 April 2, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

Fantage has gone crazy and random for April Fools Day 2013!


I’m afraid i cant really blog about this event or any other event until JUNE 17TH

It’s that time of the year; End of year exams 😦

So we will have to lay low for a while, if we get a chance to blog then we will 🙂

All weekly Peace Police events can still go ahead but i will not be there to manage them, just report those people who are breaking the rules!


~ Wind & Slippy ~

Apps and More in March March 1, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

Today Fantage are announcing apps for our IDfones!

To mark the release of this game, we can buy special limited items at Downtown or Uptown!

You can buy them all for a special discount price of 12,000 Stars or 10,000 eCoins

We can also get free trading cards, get them before the event is over!

If you play the app a certain number of times you can win prizes, take a look!

Keep checking back for how to play StarBlaze!

Also since March has arrived we can buy a new special monthly item, this month it is a grrrreat costume (Get it? Tiger’s go ‘Grrrr’ Nevermind…)


~ Wind & Slippy ~

Admin Items February 3, 2013

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Hello Windippians

You may have noticed that Fantage have released Admin Items because some admins are ‘retiring’, these are available at Downtown or Uptown.

The truth however is that this is a lie.

Himani isn’t retiring. She had to leave Fantage on doctors orders because of her health almost 4 years ago. Here is the email she sent me (Click to read).

You can see the date in the top right corner; 11th February 2009. Further proof that she is no longer part of Fantage is her IDfone, it hasn’t changed for 4 years! (She is on my buddy list, this is how i know).

She was the nicest Admin i knew, i was the 4th user of the week for the Comet and she met me on Fantage in my home and took the time to interview me in order to make the featured member page a bit more unique. She also complimented me on my house and asked for any suggestions for Fantage. She also added me. She was a lovely person.

As described in her email, she became very ill and because of the sheer amount of work Fantage staff undertake she had to leave. 

Himani has always been, in my eyes, the architect of the ORIGINAL Fantage which i grew so fond of that me and Slippy started this blog about it. When M became head admin, Fantage changed. I once got banned by M because i said to him “Himani was better than you” Look at the picture! M is the alien on the left.

However, M is not a bad admin at all. I just believe that Himani was kinder and more involved with the Fantage community. 

I get upset when i remember Himani because of something else; the story of Himani’s dog Yummy, who passed away at such a young age. Himani was not payed enough by Fantage to help Yummy and Fantage did not encourage employees to have days off and so Himani wasn’t allowed to spend a lot of time with her beloved pet before he died. I get very emotional reading how her dog deteriorated and she couldn’t do anything about it because of Fantage (The story is below, click to read).

Himani was a lovely person and she didn’t deserve what happened to her or her dog. This is why i am extremely annoyed with Fantage for saying that she is ‘retiring’ when really she had to leave because she was ill 4 years ago! Fantage is using her name to promote these items so that we Fantagians are tempted to buy memberships or eCoins, it’s really bad!

I am going to contact Fantage and ask for a full apology, it’s the least we deserve! I have cancelled my premium membership and i refuse to renew it until they apologize!! Also, all future Peace Police events are to become Protests until this is resolved.

Re-blog this and help spread the word!

~ Wind & Slippy ~

January User Items January 10, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

Today we can vote for our favorite user-inspired item!

You can purchase the items from either Downtown or Uptown

You can buy each item individually or purchase them all for 15,000 Stars or 12,000 eCoins for a discount

You can vote for you’re favorite outfit and get free stars!!

Which outfit did you vote for?

In Peace Police news we will have another meeting on Saturday 4pm EST, 1pm PST, 9pm British time on White Seal in the Cabin at Mt. Fantage. Make sure to tell everyone you know as we will try and find people to report again!


~ Wind & Slippy ~

January Items and Peace Police Event January 4, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

(We will be having our first Peace Police event TOMORROW please scroll down for details)

In Fantage news, the January special item has been released and it is an Agent Costume!

This is available at either Downtown or Uptown and is 2,800 Stars/eCoins

(I wish that car was an item too!)

When you wear them you do some really cool animations, take a look!

Fantage have also released some new clothes and hairstyles this week. Head on over to Le Shop and Stellar Salon to look at them!

That’s everything for Fantage but in Peace Police news we now have over 100 members!!

For this reason we are asking all current Peace Police members to attend our first event tomorrow Saturday 5th January on the server Yellow Yeti in the Extreme Snowboarding Cabin at Mt Fantage. The time for this will be 9pm GMT (UK) time. This means 4pm EST and 1pm PST. It is also 4pm FST (Fantage Standard Time) We hope that all members can attend as will start our first mass reporting spree. Re-blog  this image and/or tell your Peace Police friends so we can get as many people to come!

Make sure to be on our xat to stay connected with all members of the force!


(P.S Anyone can still join the force! Simply head on over to the Peace Police page by clicking here and comment with your Fantage username) 

UPDATE Thanks to all who could make it, we didn’t run into much trouble and only managed to report a couple of people (Maybe they were scared of us and didn’t say anything xD)  The turnout was good but considering we have over 100 members only 15-20 people attended 😦 Still better than nothing but i do urge everyone to come next time. We will decide when this is in our next post.


~ Wind & Slippy ~

2013 on Fantage December 29, 2012

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Hello Windippians!!

2012 has been a great year for all Fantagians and now it’s time for one last party!

Fantage is getting ready for 2013 by releasing loads of new years items. You can find these at Downtown and Uptown.

So you can buy the items you want individually or buy them all for a discounted price of 12,000 Starz or 10,000 eCoins.

There is also a special firework costume available for 2,800 Starz/eCoins!

There are loads of bonus things to do for this event, just take a look at the list!

Also do not miss the new years ball drop at 11:59pm Fantage Standard Time (FST) at the castle.

If you go before then this is what you will see:

This event lasts until the 4th January so make sure you get your items!!

Have you done all the activities?


~ Wind & Slippy ~