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Royal Ball 2013 May 2, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

The Royal Ball has officially started on Fantage!

Look at the new castle decorations!

We can buy special royal items too for the event!

You can buy these items all together for a low price of  3500 Stars/2000 eCoins

A dance floor has been added at the castle. Buy royal ball costumes to get groovy!

You can also buy these all together at a discounted price of 10,000 Stars/8000 eCoins

Also, you have the option to rent the costumes for just 500 Stars. You get the costume for 5 minutes, enough time to do some dancing!

Wear the final seamstress outfit and click on the Prince and Princess to receive a special prize!

Finally, if you go into the throne room you can get a free board and also buy another board!

What’s your favorite part of the Royal Ball?

~ Wind & Slippy ~

Michelle and Zack Carnival Event April 19, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

Michelle continues her date with Zack and this time they are spending time together at the carnival

Here’s a picture of all the events we can do:

Firstly, make sure to buy the events Limited Items available all over Fantage!

As always, you can buy them all for a discounted price of 12,000 Stars or 10,000 eCoins

Now that you’re all dressed up, head on over to the carnival to start the festivities!

Once inside Premium Members can receive FREE items from Serena the fortune teller, just click on her to collect a prize, there are 5 in total, get them all!

You will notice that Zack needs help getting a teddy bear for Michelle, click on him to start a game of bottle knockdown

It can be tricky at first, look at this picture i only had 1 second to spare!!!

Anyways, if you manage to do it you get a free guitar accessory, this can help you in the Top Models ‘Popstar’ theme or you can wear it and just look awesome

Play bottle knockdown again or try out Ticket Grabber and Stacker to win tickets! You can trade these in for some awesome prizes. Non members can get some prizes but premium members can get  lots more. If you are finding it difficult to collect tickets you can just buy the prize items with eCoins 🙂


~ Wind & Slippy ~

Michelle’s Date April 11, 2013

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Hello Windippians!

Michelle has started  her date with Zack!

We can buy limited items to celebrate! 😀 Boys can look like Zack and Girls can look like Michelle!!

These are available at Downtown or Uptown. You can save by buying them all at once for 12,000 Stars or 10,000 eCoins!

But when Zack and Michelle were picking their outfits for the date all of their clothes got scattered around Fantage!

So they need our help to find them!

Here are all the locations in alphabetical order:










You can find the clothing hunt medal at a different location everyday. Today’s location is Mt. Fantage!

It starts at level 1 and go level up to 3 if you are a non member or it can level up to 7 if you are a premium member!

Phew! Now we found them all there’s one last thing we need to do; Serve Michelle and Zack some food at Chez Fantage!

Buy the waiter costumes then you can begin the game Table for Two!

Once at Chez Fantage you need to go upstairs and that’s where you can find Michelle and Zack and begin the game!

If you do well you can earn the Table for Two Medal!

After a long day it’s time to challenge Zack to a dancing duel at The Palm!

Beat his score and you can win a special outfit!

Did you like this event? Leave a comment!

~ Wind & Slippy~

January User Items January 10, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

Today we can vote for our favorite user-inspired item!

You can purchase the items from either Downtown or Uptown

You can buy each item individually or purchase them all for 15,000 Stars or 12,000 eCoins for a discount

You can vote for you’re favorite outfit and get free stars!!

Which outfit did you vote for?

In Peace Police news we will have another meeting on Saturday 4pm EST, 1pm PST, 9pm British time on White Seal in the Cabin at Mt. Fantage. Make sure to tell everyone you know as we will try and find people to report again!


~ Wind & Slippy ~

2013 and Winter Ball Event January 1, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

Firstly, Happy New Year! Did you see the ball drop on Fantage? It was so cool!!
Anyways Fantage have released the new monthly premium gift for January. It is a radical snowboard!!

It looks really cool when you wear it with other snowy items

Remember, you have to be a premium member to get this item.

In other news check out the promo for the upcoming 2013 Winter Ball Event!

Also this year will mark the 5th Anniversary of our Fantage Blog so that can only mean one thing; Party Time!

Don’t get too exited though, we will have to wait until March!! (Can we reach 750k hits by then??)

Finally, we will be forming a new Fantage Army! The Peace Police! (It’s a bit weird to call the group an ‘army’ since it’s the PEACE police but oh well lol) More information on this will be released soon so keep coming back for the latest updates! [UPDATE : Check out the ‘Peace Police’ page!!!]


~ Wind & Slippy ~

Fantage Moonstone Gem! July 11, 2011

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Sameer1000 here! Fantage has announced that there is a new moonstone gem!

“Attention all Fantagians! Check out the new Moonstone Gem! This otherworldly gem crashed landed into Fantage and will give you access to SUPER cool Rare Items! Head over to the Wizard’s Domain to pick one up! Make sure you play Staries, Bubble Bug, Magic Pop, and Candy Swap to try and win a Moonstone Gem! It’ll be tough—this gem is the rarest of them all so you’ll have to get a great score…”

Fantage also announced that there is going to be a Moonstone Party from the 8th to the 11th of July. If you log in every day during the party, you will get a free moonstone gem!


-Sameer1000, fantasticage