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Fantage New Game:FishFish April 14, 2010

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Hey Fantagians! Canada and Sameer1000 here! M has posted on the Fantage blog about a new game coming to Fantage! This thursday, Fantae will be releasing a game called FishFish. This will be located at the beach.

Here is an image of it’s banner:

How to play:

  1. Cast your line into the water
  2. Lure the biggest fish that you can

The really large fish hang out at the bottom of the water. Try to avoid the really SMALL fishes and try to get the biggest. If you score a high score, you will recieve a free sticker!

Here is an image of the game:

What do you think of this upcoming game? Comment with your thoughts

Canada and Sameer1000, fantage.org and fantagecheats.net