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Wizard Trading Cards February 22, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

Fantage have released new Wizard Trading Cards at The Desert Jewel!

You may see a few signs about them around Fantage, this is what they read:

There are 30 cards to collect! Buy special Wizard Trading Card Packs at The Desert Jewel at the Oasis!!

Everyone can buy the booster pack for 1,500 Stars or 500 eCoins but premium members can buy the premium booster pack which guarantees you 1 rare or super rare card for 2,000 Stars or 750 eCoins

Once you collect them all you can read a story about Orion’s sister Tabitha 🙂

Fanatge Wizard Story

Also, if you collect all 30 cards and have all 60 cards from the normal set, then your Card Collector medal can reach a whopping 24!

Have you collected all the cards?

Oh, there are also some new rares as well which we forgot to mention!

~ Wind & Slippy ~

Trading Cards January 18, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

Fantage have added trading cards and the game ‘card quest‘ to the game! The sign in downtown shows you some information 🙂

So you must go to the Oasis to get started!

Then go left a little bit to see The Desert Jewel where can you can buy cards!

Click on Raj to see the packs which you can buy

Once you have bought as many packs as you want then exit and click on the Card Album symbol on the bottom left of your screen.

Now you can look at the cards you have. To start working on your deck press ‘Deck Builder‘ on the top right.

There you can select which cards to use in your deck. If you press ‘Card Info‘ you can see what you need to know 😀

A good deck should contain 5 of each symbol and make sure that the card values are high!

Once you have your deck of 15-30 cards you can play Card Quest! Click on the sign at the Oasis to start

Here are the rules! Good luck!! 

Also, check out the new rares at the Wizard’s Domain!!


~ Wind & Slippy ~