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Fantage New Game:FishFish April 14, 2010

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Hey Fantagians! Canada and Sameer1000 here! M has posted on the Fantage blog about a new game coming to Fantage! This thursday, Fantae will be releasing a game called FishFish. This will be located at the beach.

Here is an image of it’s banner:

How to play:

  1. Cast your line into the water
  2. Lure the biggest fish that you can

The really large fish hang out at the bottom of the water. Try to avoid the really SMALL fishes and try to get the biggest. If you score a high score, you will recieve a free sticker!

Here is an image of the game:

What do you think of this upcoming game? Comment with your thoughts

Canada and Sameer1000, fantage.org and fantagecheats.net

Fantage Welcome Your New Neighbors! April 13, 2010

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“Fantage would like you to meet a few new faces! The folks to my left are just a few newbies that have taken up residence in our fantastic world! You can find these new characters scattered throughout the world hanging out and being goofy. They each have a special surprise or joke to tell you…all you will have to do is mouse over them! Some of these critters are big talkers…others have hilarious little moves. Either way, you are sure to love them!”

Hey fantagians 😀

Sameer1000 here! This is what was posted on the fantage blog! What do you think about it?

-Sameer1000, fantage.org and fantagecheats.net

New Fantage Pinata Medals April 10, 2010

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Hey Fantagians! Canada and Sameer1000 here! M posted on the Fantage blog about the new medals on Fantage. On thursday, new Pinata Medals were released. The more you play the pinata game, the higher your level will become. If you get into the top 3, you will level up faster.

Here is an image we have been given of some of the medals:

newpinatas.jpg picture by flamster3000
What do you think of the new medals?
Canada and Sameer1000, fantage.org and fantagecheats.net

Fantage: New Weekly Comet Newspaper April 10, 2010

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Hey Fantagians! Canada and Sameer1000 here! The newest issue of the Weekly Comet has been released on Fantage!

Included in this issue of the comet are new events, contest winners, new contest themes, a featured member, and fun stuff.

To access the comet:

  1. Log into Fantage
  2. Click on the Comet icon on the top left corner of the screen

What do you think?

Canada and Sameer1000, Fantage.org and Fantagecheats.net

Fantage: Super Pinata Sale Event April 10, 2010

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Hey Fantagians! Canada and Sameer1000 here! M has posted on the Fantage blog about a Super Pinata Sale Event on Fantage.  You are now able to buy a pinata for only ONE star. If you reach the top 3 pinata players in a party, you will get even MORE stars.

Here is an image of a banner of this event:

What do you think of this event?

Canada and Sameer1000, fantage.org and fantagecheats.net

A Strange visitor! August 17, 2009

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There is a new mission on Fantage that was released a couple of days ago, if you are still stuck then here is a guide that should help you through!

Talk to general Gopher and he will tell you that something has crashed at the beach and you must head straight there to investigate!


Once at the beach, you will see that a UFO has crashed and an Alien is stood crying next to it,


Talk to him, and he will talk in a strange language, then you will be ZAPPED so you do understand him, he tell’s you his spaceship just crashed and he needs help putting it back together so you need to pick up all the pieces that are scattered round the beach.

Once you’ve done this speak to him again,


Now head back to the Mission centre and talk to General Gopher, he will tell you to talk to talk to a scientist,


A map of Fantage appears and you need to find 7 pieces of the Aliens spaceship that are scattered all around Fantage.

Electron Regulator – This can be found inbetween the costume shop and ID fone shop.

Xeon Exhaust valve – This can be found near the game Rocket Board.

Adamantium Bolt – This can be found near a tree trunk above the game buzzer beater.

Proton Cell – This can be found near the waterfull outside the wizards domain

Fusion Accelarator – This can be found near the bridge to the right of the grotto.

Scale link modulator – This can be found behind the creature arena.

Titanium Matrix Generator – This can be found on top of the castle.

Now speak to the Alien,


You will now be helping to put the ship back together,


Try to score over 8500 to get a special prize which is this board;


Congrats! You have done the mission!!


Good luck doing it if you haven’t done it yet.


Ancient Artifact Mission July 19, 2009

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Hello Windippians!

A New Mission Has Just Been Released On Fantage, You Must Help A Archeoligist Fox Named Archie Obtain Artifacts To Make A Statue But If You Cant Do It… Thats Where We Come In 😉

Here Is A Guide To Ancient Artifact!

Okay So First Up Go To Uptown And Click On The Telephone Located Next To The Furniture Shop And Buzzer Beater.


You Are Told To Report Immidiately To The Mission Centre, To Go There Simply Enter The Elevator At The Far Right Of Uptown Or Alternatively Click On The Mission Centre Logo Button Above The Phone, Either Method Works =]

Going Down

Now You Have Arrived In The Mission Centre You Must Talk To The General And Get Briefed About Your Mission.

 General Beaver

He Doesnt Really Say Much Though He Basically Tells You To See Archie The Fox For More Info On What Your Task Is.


Archie Explains That He Has Found Pieces Of An Ancient Statue That Has Magical Power And He Needs Your Help To Obtain Them. To Get Pieces Of The Statue You Must Complete Jigsaw Jigsaw Games To Reveal The Locations Of Them.

Jigsaw Jigsaw Fox

The First Piece Is Located Outside Of The Wizards Domain In The Magical Big Mushrooms This Is The Tail Of The Statue


After Getting This Piece Archie Appears In A Bush And Sets You Another Jigsaw Jigsaw Puzzle To Complete, This Time The Artifact Is Located At The Beach. As You Go There You Notice A Evil – Looking Man Who Has Tried To Obtain This Artifact But Has Failed… Epically.

Beach Bady Guy

Your Turn! But Im Afraid Getting This Piece Is Not As Easy As The Last One, You Must Play A Game Of Coo Coo Coconuts. This Game Requires You To Trampoline Cocunuts Into A Bucket And Eventually Instead Of A Coconut The Artifact Will Appear! Make Sure To Get It Into The Bucket And Then You Have Got It (If You Miss The Coconuts/Artifact 6 Times Its Game Over)

Coo Coo Cocunuts

Congratulations The Head Of The Statue Is Now Yours!


Once Again Archie Has Appeared And Gives You Your 3rd And Final Jigsaw Jigsaw Puzzle To Complete. Once Completed It Is Revealed That You Must Go To The Icy Cold Summit Of Mt Fantage. When You Go To Mt Fantage However You Find The Evil Man Standing There And Says That He Will Get The Artifact And So You Must Challange Him To A Game Of Dash Dash!


Dash Dash Is A Game Where You Must Climb Mt Fantage By Using Your Arrow Keys, A Orange Highlight Will Go Over A Arrow Key On The Screen And That Is The Arrow You Must Press On Your Keypad Go As Fast As You Can To Reach The Top. There Is A Problem Though – Ninjas! They Are Trying To Reach The Top As Well, Dont Let 4 Or More Beat You Otherwise You Lose (Throw Snowballs To Bring Them Down!)

Dash Dash

And Now You Have The Last Piece Of The Statue, The Body!

Monkey Body

So Now That All The Statue Parts Are In Your Possession You Have Completed Your Quest And The 3 Parts Join Together To Form The Ancient Monkey Artifact!

Complete Monkey

But All Is Not Over As The Evil Man And Some Of His Ninja Minions Are Above The Mission Centre Trying To Get In And Steal The Artifact

Entering Base

Alas! They Manage To Break Into The Mission Centre And As A Army Of Ninjas Go Down The Elevator The Power Goes Out Everyone Panics And The Mission Ends There As You Are Awared With A Level 10 Ancient Artifact Medal!


Will The Ninjas Obtain The Artifact? Were Going To Have To Wait Till The Next Mission To Find Out!

Did This Guide Help You?

Then Please Give Us Something Back By Going To Our 200k Hits Party This Friday!

200k Hits


~ Wind & Slippy ~

Bear Cub Mission April 26, 2009

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To Start This Mission Go To The Forest


In The Forest Near The Grotto You Will Find A Small Bear Cub

Bear Cub

He Is Very Hungry So You Need To Play Bobo Fish And Get 25 Fish

Bucket Of Fish

Then Return To The Bear Cub And Talk To Him Again He Will Thank You For The Fish But You Are Not Done Yet He Wants You To Help Find His Parents Who Have Been Captured By A Hunter. They Can Be Found At Mt Fantage Behind A Tree.

Bear Parents

To Set The Bears Free You Need To Find 3 Keys.

The First Key Has Been Given To A Pirate Called Peg-Leg Pete, He Is At The Beach


You Must Challenge Him To A Game Of Rock, Paper Scissors If You Win You Can Get The Key!




The Second Key Belongs To A Shady Conman Called Bob You Can Find Him At Downtown


In Order To Win His Key You Must Win  6 Rounds Of Three Cup Bob




The Third And Final Key Belongs To Betty The Clown She Is At The Carnival


To Get Her Key You Need To Win 10 Rounds Of Simon Says




After You Have All Three Keys Return To The Bear Cubs Parents And Release Them!


But The Mission Does Not End There, The Parents Get Captured Again!


The Hunter Flies Off And Knocks A Yeti Off The Edge Of A Mountain!


You And The Yeti Team Up To Defeat The Hunter Once And For All, So You Must Chase Him, When You See Him He Starts To Throw ‘Boxy Bombs’ At You, In Order To Win Him You Must Pick The Boxes Up From The Ground And Thrown Them Back Up At The Helicopter. (I Recomend You Thrown Them When The Number Is 2)


When You Destroy The Helicopter You All Gather Together And Celebrate!


And Then You Can Get Your Reward, A Level 10 Bear Cub Medal!


~ Wind & Slippy ~

The First Fantage Mission! November 25, 2008

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Hey Everyone

Well It Looks Like Thanksgiving On Fantage Is Coming To A End, But Not To Worry They Have Released Their First Ever Mission!

Its Called “Who Broke Into Top Models

Here Is A Guide To The Mission

Step 1

Officer Russell Needs Help In Finding The Criminal Who Broke Into Top Models Inc, Go To Downtown And Talk To Him To Begin Your Mission.

After Talking To Him You Need To Go Into Top Models And Find A Rock This is In The Bottom Right Hand Corner, After Finding It Return Back To Officer Russell And Move On To The Next Step.


Step 2

Now Go To The Wizards Domain To Talk To A Girl Wizard You Need To Ask Her To Identify Who Threw The Rock, But She Needs Your Help. You Need To Find Her…

A Pink Coconut



A Yellow Flower



A Blue Mushroom




The Cocunut Is At The Beach, The Yellow Flower Is At The Carnival And Finally The Blue Mushroom Is Outside The Creature Arena Shop.

Step 3

Now You have Those Items Return To The Wizards Domain And Speak With The Girl Wizard, Hand Over The Items And She Will Tell You That The Criminal Is Outside The Grotto.

When At The Grotto You Will Meet The Criminal For The First Time He Turns Out To Be A Gnome!


When You Talk To Him He Magically Disappears 😮 Go Back To The Wizards Domain And Find Out How To Find Him.

The Girl Wizard Will Help You Capture The Gnome I You Bring Her Punch And Pie


The Punch Can Be Found At The Beach And The Pie Is In The Cafe

Now Return To The Wizards Domain And Give The Girl Wizard The Pie

Step 4

Now She Will Tell You To Get A Net, This Can Be Found In The Creature Shop


After Obtaining The Net Go To The Wizards Domain And Inform The Girl Wizard That You Have The Net, Then She Will Tell You To Meet Her Outside The Grotto.

When You Get To The Grotto She Has Already Captured The Gnome Using A Magic Spell


Now Return To Officer Russell And Receive A Medal!


Enjoy Your New Medal

~ Wind & Slippy ~