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Michelle and Zack’s Fireworks Festival July 4, 2013

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New Event!


New limited items!

limited items

New fireworks costumes, too.

fireworks costumes

Also, there are new user-inspired items.

user inspired items

Information about this event…


You can talk to Zack in Uptown or Downtown to help him build a firework,.


You have to collect 4 things.

fireworks crafting

The Fireworks fuse is in front of Fantage School.

firework fuse

The Rocket Tube is at the right side of the Oasis.

rocket tube

The Launcher is near the Ticket Booth at the Carnival

launcher pole

The Rocket Dust is under the pet games at Pet Town.

rocket dust

Then turn them in to Zack to get a prize!


If you have Fireworks costumes, you can launch fireworks at the Castle.

fireworks at castle

You can vote for the Grand Finale Movie fireworks.

grand finale voting

You can watch the movie at the castle by clicking Michelle.


There is also a new game called Colorsplosion at the Castle.


Basically, just click the color of the firework that is the color of the target at the bottom.

colorsplasion game

And that is it, so have fun!

~ Casey ~

Seashell Collecting July 2, 2013

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seashell collecting

You can collect seashells on the island to get items now.


Check out all the cool things you can do!


Buy the costumes to collect seashells! The bottom costume is for non-members. The top costume is for members.

first one

second one

third one

Collect enough seashells around the island to turn them in for items.


The seashells are easy to spot (they will have a white glow on them). Just like the one close to me!

prize items

If you are lazy to collect seashells yourself, you can buy the prizes with ecoins.

high tide

There is a new shop on the island called High Tide. You can buy swimming items there!


The Resort is to the right of the High Tide shop. You can play the new game Tropical Tangrams there.


Here are the instructions for playing the game.


There is also a lot of updates on Fantage!


high up

Buy the bubble buddy costume at Downtown or Uptown and float up into the sky in a bubble!


There is a new Premium Member gift for July! Grab your colorful swim wears now!


If you plan to buy membership or ecoins, you will be able to get a free board or a free costume!

That’s about it! I hope you are now caught up with what’s happening on Fantage.

~ pinkstarbritney ~ 

Prom 2013 May 13, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

The Fantage Starry Nights Prom has started!

Take a look at all the awesome stuff you can do!


~ Wind & Slippy ~

Mother’s Day 2013 May 7, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

May has arrived and with it comes Mother’s Day!

This year we will need to help Bella and Stella‘s mum collect pets all around Fantage, sounds like fun!! Look at all the things you can do at this event!

Catch Flowers at either the Castle or Forest

Today (Friday) Zack is at the School, click on him to receive a ‘Pet Pals‘ Medal!!

On Thursday Zack was at the beach


~ Wind & Slippy~

The Royal Ball 2013 April 25, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

The Royal Ball event is here on Fantage!! Head on over to the castle to start the festivities 🙂

You need to help a seamstress make items for the Princess! Her first item is a sapphire pendant:

The items needed for this are:

A sapphire
Green thread

Mt. Fantage

Mt. Fantage

Creature Arena

Creature Arena



Return to the seamstress to collect a reward of 20 Stars (But you probably could of earned 200 Stars by playing games instead of getting these items!!)

The second item needed is a cape :

The items needed for this are:

Red fabric

Yellow thread

Red thread





Fantage School

The third item needed is a Crown

The items needed for this are:



A green potion

Fantage School

Fantage School




The 4th item needed is a sceptre

The items needed for this are:



A purple potion



Mt. Fantage

Mt. Fantage

Creature Arena

Creature Arena

After getting these materials you can get the sceptre as a gift!

The fifth and final item needed is a royal outfit (Premium members only)

The items needed for this are:

Blue fabric

Yellow thread

A red potion



The Forest

Wizard's Domain

Wizard’s Domain

After getting these materials you get the royal outfit as a gift!


P.S. The items are in different locations for everybody but our locations may help!!

~ Wind & Slippy ~

Michelle’s Date April 11, 2013

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Hello Windippians!

Michelle has started  her date with Zack!

We can buy limited items to celebrate! 😀 Boys can look like Zack and Girls can look like Michelle!!

These are available at Downtown or Uptown. You can save by buying them all at once for 12,000 Stars or 10,000 eCoins!

But when Zack and Michelle were picking their outfits for the date all of their clothes got scattered around Fantage!

So they need our help to find them!

Here are all the locations in alphabetical order:










You can find the clothing hunt medal at a different location everyday. Today’s location is Mt. Fantage!

It starts at level 1 and go level up to 3 if you are a non member or it can level up to 7 if you are a premium member!

Phew! Now we found them all there’s one last thing we need to do; Serve Michelle and Zack some food at Chez Fantage!

Buy the waiter costumes then you can begin the game Table for Two!

Once at Chez Fantage you need to go upstairs and that’s where you can find Michelle and Zack and begin the game!

If you do well you can earn the Table for Two Medal!

After a long day it’s time to challenge Zack to a dancing duel at The Palm!

Beat his score and you can win a special outfit!

Did you like this event? Leave a comment!

~ Wind & Slippy~

April Events April 3, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

Before we stop blogging for a while because of exams, we can show you some sneak previews for events happening this April!

Firstly Michelle meets a stranger who wants to date her! Who is he? We will have to find out!

Another event will be the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Prepare to fly through the skies of Fantage!

We will probably not be able to blog about these events, or any events in May 😦

We are back on JUNE 17TH

See you then!

~ Wind & Slippy ~

April Fools 2013 April 2, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

Fantage has gone crazy and random for April Fools Day 2013!


I’m afraid i cant really blog about this event or any other event until JUNE 17TH

It’s that time of the year; End of year exams 😦

So we will have to lay low for a while, if we get a chance to blog then we will 🙂

All weekly Peace Police events can still go ahead but i will not be there to manage them, just report those people who are breaking the rules!


~ Wind & Slippy ~

St Patrick’s Day 2013 March 13, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

St Patrick’s Day Party 2013 is here on Fantage!

We can:

  • Play games such as “Catch the Leprechaun” and “Clover Hunt
  • Buy some St Patrick’s Day themed limited items
  • Buy recolors of past St Patrick’s Day items
  • Receive new St Patrick’s Day Trading Cards
  • Earn a St Patrick’s Day 2013 Medal

Clover Locations (Alphabetical Order)

Beach Clovers

Carnival Clover Left Side

Carnival Clover

Castle Clover Left

Castle Clover Right

Castle Outside Clover

Creature Arena Clover

Dock Clover

Downtown Clover Right

Downtown Clover Left

Forest Clover

Lighthouse Clover

Mt. Fantage Clover

Oasis Clovers

Pet Town Clover

Uptown Clover

Uptown Clover Left

Wizard’s Domain Clover

When collecting clovers you might sometimes find the Leprechaun!

You can find him everywhere in Fantage and he is selling items!

The limited items are available at Downtown or Uptown

If you complete your stamp book then you receive the St Patrick’s Day 2013 Medal!

The free trading cards are available at Downtown, Uptown or The Oasis

What is your favorite part of the event?

~ Wind & Slippy ~

March News March 4, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

March is here and so far we have seen the launch of apps on our IDfone!

But we will also be having 2 major events; A St Patricks Day Party and an Easter Party!

Here is a preview of this years St Patricks Day Party 2013:

Bob, Bella, Jester and  a Leprechaun are all enjoying themselves on a St Patrick’s Day float! I wonder if we can get that leprechaun costume!!

Here is a preview for the Easter Party 2013:

Look at that RAINBOW FOUNTAIN 😮 It looks like we will be doing an Easter egg hunt this year! 

Also in March, Fantage will release an event for charity! The charity is called K.I.D.S who help disabled children. Fantage is doing a great thing by allowing us Fantagians to help those in need! Here’s a sneak peek:

So lots to look forward to on Fantage and Wind & Slippy will be hosting a 5 Year Anniversary of our blog on March 22nd 2013. But more news on this in another post, keep visiting for all the details!

Which event are you most looking forward to?

~ Wind & Slippy ~