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New Newspaper July 1, 2008

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Hey Fantagians!

The New Newspaper Has Been Released

Orion Is The Featured User

NPC Orion . His Favourite Game Is Gem Swap

 . He Likes Spicy Food


 You Can Find Orion At The Wizards Domain 🙂


Orion's ID card

The Featured User Is Alli

IMG.  She Loves To Throw Parties At Her Room

. She Likes The Pizza Board

. Her Favourite Game is Pearly Pop

To Find Alli Try Going To Her Favourite Server Blue Tiger!

The Winners Of The Last Contest Were Laylia, clementine44478, and Fever


Thats All For Now


10k Hits Party! June 29, 2008

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Hey Everyone!

Were Almost At 10 Thousand Hits!

So We Thought Lets Have A Party!

Party Time!

When: Saturday 5th July

Where: Pink Cow

Why:10 Thousand Hits

Who: Everyone!

Start: Downtown

Time: 6pm U.K Time


See You At the Party!


Forums June 29, 2008

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You may have noticed the page for forums.

Im just posting here for those of you that havent seen that page.

We have forums!! 🙂

Read the rules before you post. (Thanks Sameer1000 for the help xD)

heres the link:



Dont forget to register!! xD

Fantage Pins! June 21, 2008

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Slippy here.

Fantage are going to release pins!

They will be here next week.

Fantage said that on 2 of the pins you can level up…

I wonder which ones 🙂

Himani wrote on the blog saying they may call them medals rather than pins.

Here’s what she said:

Hi Everyone! We’ve been getting a lot of inqueries regarding the pins and I want to tell everyone more about them.

  • The Fantage Pins are not something you find, it’s something you earn by playing at Fantage.com. For example, if you are great at games, you can earn the “Gamer Pin” or the “Veteran Pin” if you’ve been with us for a long time!
  • Unlike other sites, the Fantage Pins will be shown on the back of the ID card permanently! And you’ll be able to “level-up” to higher level Pins!
  • The levels will be added together and displayed on the front of the ID card as a number. For example, if I had a level 4 Pin and a Level 5 Pin, the level shown in front of my ID card would be 9!
  • There will be many different “Fantage Pins” to come! and to collect!

This feature is unique to Fantage.com and we want your help in deciding the name of it!

That’s all




Monkeys? June 20, 2008

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Hey Everyone

Today In Fantage I Noticed That Some Monkeys Are On A Rampage At The Beach!

There At The Beach!

But What Caught My Eye Was This..

A Red Monkey?

Hmmm Im Sure I Have Seen Him Before, When Slippy Found Out About The New Pets!

The Monkey Slippy Found!

They Look Very Similar Maybe It Will Become A Future Pet We Will Just Have To Wait And See 

In Other News Keep Checking Out The Wizards Domain For Some New Rares!

New Rare Items

Have A Great Summer!


New Stuff! June 1, 2008

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Slippy here 🙂


If you go to ‘Le Shop’ theres 2 new FREE ITEMS!.

Check them out!

Also check out the ‘Monthly Comet’ by clicking the link below


That’s all for now 😉


The Grotto May 27, 2008

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Hey Everyone

We Can Now Go Into The Grotto Plus We Can Also Play A New Game!

The Game Is Called Magic Pop

Magic Fun!

The Object Of The Game Is To Shoot Magic Spells At Floating Spheres, You Lose When The Spheres Hit You Three Times

Orion woooo

Also In The Grotto I Noticed A Duck Boat, I Think This Will Be A Future Game. What Do You Think?

A Future Game?

The New Newspaper Will Also Be Released Later This Week.

~ Wind & Slippy ~

Forest Released! May 12, 2008

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Hello Fantagians!

After Ages Of Waiting The Forest Has Been Released! 😀

In The Forest There is…  

The Wizards Domain

It Looks Like A Cat!

The Grotto

Hello Lily

There Are Two Games At The Wizards Domain They Are…


One Of The Games At The Wizards Domain

Candy Swap

The Other Game At The Wizards Domain

There Is Just One Game In The Grotto And It is…

Bubble Bug

The Only Game At The Grotto

And One More Thing, Here Are Lily And Orion The Owners Of The Wizards Domain And The Grotto.


Cool Wizard


The Owner Of The Grotto

~ Wind & Slippy ~

Buddy List Limit :( May 10, 2008

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Slippy here.

Some bad news…Were only allowed 200 Buddies 😦

I’ll keep adding though till i get 200 🙂

New Clothes May 5, 2008

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Hey Everyone

Today Fantage Released Some New Clothes

White Silk Suit

Just Like My Black One =)

Green Vest

There Might Be More So Keep Coming Back To See If I Update This Post