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A Strange visitor! August 17, 2009

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There is a new mission on Fantage that was released a couple of days ago, if you are still stuck then here is a guide that should help you through!

Talk to general Gopher and he will tell you that something has crashed at the beach and you must head straight there to investigate!


Once at the beach, you will see that a UFO has crashed and an Alien is stood crying next to it,


Talk to him, and he will talk in a strange language, then you will be ZAPPED so you do understand him, he tell’s you his spaceship just crashed and he needs help putting it back together so you need to pick up all the pieces that are scattered round the beach.

Once you’ve done this speak to him again,


Now head back to the Mission centre and talk to General Gopher, he will tell you to talk to talk to a scientist,


A map of Fantage appears and you need to find 7 pieces of the Aliens spaceship that are scattered all around Fantage.

Electron Regulator – This can be found inbetween the costume shop and ID fone shop.

Xeon Exhaust valve – This can be found near the game Rocket Board.

Adamantium Bolt – This can be found near a tree trunk above the game buzzer beater.

Proton Cell – This can be found near the waterfull outside the wizards domain

Fusion Accelarator – This can be found near the bridge to the right of the grotto.

Scale link modulator – This can be found behind the creature arena.

Titanium Matrix Generator – This can be found on top of the castle.

Now speak to the Alien,


You will now be helping to put the ship back together,


Try to score over 8500 to get a special prize which is this board;


Congrats! You have done the mission!!


Good luck doing it if you haven’t done it yet.


Blog Stats August 4, 2009

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Hello Windippians!

We Would Just Like To Show You How Much Of An Impact Each And Every One Of You Have Made To Fantage.Org

On Our First Day We Got About 35 Views A Day
Now We Have Averaging 2000+

On Our First Month We Got 346 Views
In July 2009 We Got 64,013 Views!!! – The Highest Month Ever

In 2008 We Got 72,831 Views
So Far In 2009 We Have Got 199,027 Views!

So As You Can See We Are Doing Very Very Very Successful And It Is All Because Of You Windippians. We Are Now Only 30,000 Hits Away From Reaching Our 300k Hits

Thank You Everybody For Making Us … 

The OFFICIAL #1 Fantage Fan Site For Fantage Cheats, Tips And Glitches

~ Wind & Slippy ~

Chat July 29, 2009

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Fantage – Fullscreen

Orion Returns! July 23, 2009

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Hey Fantagians!

Orion has returned and has brought back some really cool free items for everyone!

But to get these items you will have to answer the riddles asked by the Wizards.

One Wizard named “Rokk” Is located outsided the grotto in the Forest.


He will ask you the following riddle;

“I’m your follower in the light, yet I’m invisible in the night. But i won’t harm you, never fear. What am i ?”

The Answer is ” Your Shadow


Then He Will Ask :

“Gentle enough to soothe the skin, Light enough to caress the sky. Hard enough to crack rocks. What am i” ?

The Correct answer is “Water

Once answering these riddles correct you will receive a cape;


Jenneva the enchantress is waiting for you at the castle


She will ask you this;

“Inside a great blue castle, lives a shy maid. She blushes in the morning and sleeps at night. Who is she?”

The correct answer is “The Sun

Congratulations! You now have a Wizards hat;


Orion is located outside of the Wizards Domain.


He will then ask you;

“I am all about but never seen, I have no mouth but you can  hear me scream. What am i?”

The correct answer is “The  Wind


“Give me food and i will live. Give me water and i will die. What am i?”

The correct answer is ” Fire

You now have the magic wand.


Remember that it is Wind And Slippy’s 200 00 hits party tomorrow (Friday) at 7pm British time.

Check the post below for more info!



Ancient Artifact Mission July 19, 2009

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Hello Windippians!

A New Mission Has Just Been Released On Fantage, You Must Help A Archeoligist Fox Named Archie Obtain Artifacts To Make A Statue But If You Cant Do It… Thats Where We Come In 😉

Here Is A Guide To Ancient Artifact!

Okay So First Up Go To Uptown And Click On The Telephone Located Next To The Furniture Shop And Buzzer Beater.


You Are Told To Report Immidiately To The Mission Centre, To Go There Simply Enter The Elevator At The Far Right Of Uptown Or Alternatively Click On The Mission Centre Logo Button Above The Phone, Either Method Works =]

Going Down

Now You Have Arrived In The Mission Centre You Must Talk To The General And Get Briefed About Your Mission.

 General Beaver

He Doesnt Really Say Much Though He Basically Tells You To See Archie The Fox For More Info On What Your Task Is.


Archie Explains That He Has Found Pieces Of An Ancient Statue That Has Magical Power And He Needs Your Help To Obtain Them. To Get Pieces Of The Statue You Must Complete Jigsaw Jigsaw Games To Reveal The Locations Of Them.

Jigsaw Jigsaw Fox

The First Piece Is Located Outside Of The Wizards Domain In The Magical Big Mushrooms This Is The Tail Of The Statue


After Getting This Piece Archie Appears In A Bush And Sets You Another Jigsaw Jigsaw Puzzle To Complete, This Time The Artifact Is Located At The Beach. As You Go There You Notice A Evil – Looking Man Who Has Tried To Obtain This Artifact But Has Failed… Epically.

Beach Bady Guy

Your Turn! But Im Afraid Getting This Piece Is Not As Easy As The Last One, You Must Play A Game Of Coo Coo Coconuts. This Game Requires You To Trampoline Cocunuts Into A Bucket And Eventually Instead Of A Coconut The Artifact Will Appear! Make Sure To Get It Into The Bucket And Then You Have Got It (If You Miss The Coconuts/Artifact 6 Times Its Game Over)

Coo Coo Cocunuts

Congratulations The Head Of The Statue Is Now Yours!


Once Again Archie Has Appeared And Gives You Your 3rd And Final Jigsaw Jigsaw Puzzle To Complete. Once Completed It Is Revealed That You Must Go To The Icy Cold Summit Of Mt Fantage. When You Go To Mt Fantage However You Find The Evil Man Standing There And Says That He Will Get The Artifact And So You Must Challange Him To A Game Of Dash Dash!


Dash Dash Is A Game Where You Must Climb Mt Fantage By Using Your Arrow Keys, A Orange Highlight Will Go Over A Arrow Key On The Screen And That Is The Arrow You Must Press On Your Keypad Go As Fast As You Can To Reach The Top. There Is A Problem Though – Ninjas! They Are Trying To Reach The Top As Well, Dont Let 4 Or More Beat You Otherwise You Lose (Throw Snowballs To Bring Them Down!)

Dash Dash

And Now You Have The Last Piece Of The Statue, The Body!

Monkey Body

So Now That All The Statue Parts Are In Your Possession You Have Completed Your Quest And The 3 Parts Join Together To Form The Ancient Monkey Artifact!

Complete Monkey

But All Is Not Over As The Evil Man And Some Of His Ninja Minions Are Above The Mission Centre Trying To Get In And Steal The Artifact

Entering Base

Alas! They Manage To Break Into The Mission Centre And As A Army Of Ninjas Go Down The Elevator The Power Goes Out Everyone Panics And The Mission Ends There As You Are Awared With A Level 10 Ancient Artifact Medal!


Will The Ninjas Obtain The Artifact? Were Going To Have To Wait Till The Next Mission To Find Out!

Did This Guide Help You?

Then Please Give Us Something Back By Going To Our 200k Hits Party This Friday!

200k Hits


~ Wind & Slippy ~

200 Thousand Hits! July 18, 2009

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Hello Windippians! (Wind And Slippy People :D)


We Have Achieved Many Things Together So Far Like…

– First Fantage Fansite To Reach 50k Hits

-First Fantage Fansite To Reach 75k Hits

-First Fantage Fansite To Reach 100k+ Hits

No Other Fantage Help Site Has Obtained More Than 100 Thousand Hits Apart From Us Here At www.Fantage.Org But Now We Have A Brand New Achievement That Is Worth Celebrating (The Title Kind Of Gives It Away)

200k Hits!

So How About We Have …. A Party!

200k Hits

Just To Remind You …

Aqua Unicorn

24th July

7pm British Time

Meet At Mt Fantage


Also come to our chat before the party starts;



Also We Would Like All Our Army To Attend… Just To Be On The Safe Side


~ Wind & Slippy ~

Comments July 17, 2009

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Hey Everyone!

We Have Been Getting Dozens Of Comments The Past Few Months And At The Moment We Have 1000+ To Approve 😮

As You Have Probably Realised Now We Cannot Reply To Each Comment But As Of The 1st Of August We Will Be Answering All Questions You Give To Us…

Here Are Some of Our Frequently Asked Questions….

Q) How Do You Become A Beta/Beta Tester?

 A) Im Afraid You Cant, Beta Testing Ended In 2008.


Q) How Do I Become A Premium Member For Free?

A) There Is No Such Thing As Free Membership, The Only Way To Be A Member Is To Pay 😦


Q) Will You Add Me?

A) Both Our Buddy Lists Are Full, But We Will Be ‘Refreshing’ Them And You May Become Buddies With Us In The Future.



A) We Do Not Tolerate Beggers 😛 If You Wish To Be Our Buddies Come On Our Chat, Comment On The Site And Generally Be A Good Friend 🙂


Q) When Your Premium Membership Expires, Do You Keep Your Items Or Do They Go Away?

A) Your Items Are Put Into Storage, However If You Buy Premium Member Eyes They Stay When You Become A Non Member.


Q) What Game Gets The Most StarS?

A) This Differs With Each Person And Depends Mostly On Personal Skill, Check Out Or ‘Game Tips’ Page To Get Some Really Cool Hints!


Q) How Come You Guys Never Update?

A) Recently We Have Tried To Post About Everything New In The Fantage World But Some News We Think Doesnt Really Need To Be Told.


Q) How Old Are You Both

A) 14.


Q) Where Are You From?

A) The United Kingdom.


More Coming Soon!

And A Big Thank You To Those Who Have Been Joining Our Armies We Are Now The Biggest Fantage Army With 140 Members!

Also We Will Be Having A 200k Hits Party Very Soon



~ Wind & Slippy ~

Cool Update. July 11, 2009

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Hi everyone.

There is a new update on Fantage, which has sorted out all of our clothing items and hair.

If you click on the bag where your clothes are stored, then you will see these headings;



Now all of your items are sorted into different sections which makes your inventory more organised.

The coolest part of the update is the “Favorites” tab.

In this you can put some of your favorite items by clicking the “Edit favorites” part.

Then you can pick the items you want to add into it.

That’s all for now.



New Party Items! July 4, 2009

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Happy 4th Of July Everyone!

The Party has started today and there are 2 New Items that you can collect;

Another Party hat:


And some Sparklers! :


To get these items, You need to go to the Carnival or the Castle and collect them:


Enjoy the Party!


New Party! July 1, 2009

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Hey Everyone,


M Has Said that there will be a NEW party coming on the 3rd of July until the 5th of July, the party will be at the Carnival & Castle and there will also be new items shown on this Animation made by M;


Looks like sparklers and cool hats…


Also Today we reached 200 000  hits!!!!

Me and Wind would like to thank you all for coming to our site.