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Vintage Gold November 9, 2013

Posted by astrid in Uncategorized.

The era of Trade and Sell is over, and a new shop has come! Vintage Gold!

Picture 11

So Here’s the concept of it: Everyday, four old items will be available for everyone to purchase. But member items stay member items, but you can also buy them with ecoins. The prices of these items are high than usual, but still at a reasonable price. This way, you wont have shirts that cost 90000000 starz anymore!

The awesome part about this shop is that people have a chance to vote on which items will appear in the shop in days to come by using the “vote” button in the upper right hand corner. You can also see the schedule of which items will be on sale by using the button next to the vote button.

Picture 12



During December 5th- 11th, you will have a chance to give the items back for a FULL REFUND of whatever you paid to get it. For example, I bought something for 10,000 ecoins. I will be able to return the item (if I want), and get the 10,000 ecoins BACK. This is here so that anyone who got scammed or paid an unfair amount for an item will be able to get their starz/ecoins back.

Picture 13

So yeah, it’ll take a while for people to stop elitism over items, but it’ll happen soon. Now, I think its back to levels or maybe still items. Idk but leveling up has always been my focus.

Well, see you guys soon!



1. Cat - November 9, 2013

Or if they got hacked of all their ecoins they could get them back. 😀

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