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Fantage Zombie Invasion October 24, 2013

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The dead are walking…. ITS A ZOMBIE INVASION ON FANTAGE! (I didnt know that Fantage characters could die)

Picture 7

So um Zombies decided to come celebrate Halloween with us. How kind of them. Well, as you walk around Fantage, you’ll see that the only place that is completely safe from the zombie’s attacks are Uptown and Downtown that are protected with force field things built by Gizmo.

Picture 10      Picture 8

Might as well check out some Limited Items while we’re hiding from the Zombies..

Picture 11

But what’s out there? Go to the Carnival to play Zombie Escape and see if you can survive in the “Zombie world”

Picture 13

So Heres how you play:

Picture 15

Basically, all you have to do is move around and not touch the zombies as they’re walking across. Some tips for you guys:

– Use both your mouse and your arrow keys. Sometimes you can get stuck in places and your arrows will really help you out

– Its a lot easier to play games with less people

– Move a lot. if ANY part of the zombie touches you, you’ll be out

– Stick to the top instead of the bottom (no pun intended). Theres way more space up there.

And if you do survive the mini zombie attack…

Picture 16

So what are these tickets for you ask? Head over to the ticket booth right outside of the Zombie attack cabin to exchange them for prizes:

Picture 12


Pumpkin Carving-

You know that pumpkin you carefully selected at pet town during the Autumn Festival? Now, you can go back to Pet Town to carve your pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern!

Picture 8


Choose a design and just hover your mouse over all the dotted lines

Picture 17


When youre finished, you’ll get a prize (This was my prize, I chose the white pumpkin)

Picture 18

Good luck and dont let the zombies get you!



1. mrgrnforever - October 24, 2013

OMG one minute : 65 tickets
then 5000 tickets/65 tickets = about 77 minutes!

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