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Fantage: Chocolate Challenge! September 20, 2013

Posted by astrid in Fantage, Fantage Help And Cheats, Fantage Updates.

The new party has been released! The Chocolate Challenge!

Picture 5

This event will last from Today until all the way to the 2nd of October. The different parts of the whole party will be released over time. (Maybe a chocolate tree scavenger hunt? Finding some weird choco-monster? Cookie monster? >: D) But yes, this post will be updated once the other parts come out

9/20- Friday

– The Cookie Catcher game:

This group game is located at the carnival, near the ticket stand.

Picture 6

So, when you walk into the chocolate house, a screen will come up, telling you the rules and what team you will be on. (You might have to wait a bit if another game is in session)

Picture 10

The game is simple, Click on the cookies falling from the ceiling for your team, and the team with the largest amount of cookies, ultimately wins, and gets golden tickets. (Members get x2 the amount of tickets)

So… What do we do with these tickets?

– The Ticket Booth

The ticket booth is in the carnival (as always), but this time, its open. Here, you can trade in the tickets you got from playing the Cookie Catcher game for a bunch of prizes

Picture 7

The items with a star in the corner means its only for members, same with buying items all across Fantage. The items that are locked will not be released until the said date on the bottom.

Picture 8

And if we scroll down to the bottom.. we see that the ultimate prize, worth 3000 tickets, is the Chocolate Challenge Medal!

Picture 9  Picture 18

– Chocolate Fountains

There are two chocolate fountains located around Fantage. One in the Castle, and one at the Carnival. (inside the Castle, and to the left at the carnival. These Fountains work the same though. All you have to do is walk across the, click here and there a few times (Its hard going through at the right place), and you will turn into a piece of fruit, or SOMETHING dipped in chocolate. Yummm.

Picture 13

-Limited Items

Find these chocolate inspired limited items at the Limited Items cart!

Picture 3

Well, thats all for now. I’ll update this post later with new and exciting additions to the party once they are released!

Picture 16

Picture 14

Thanks Guys!



1. jareengirl - October 2, 2013

Hallo. U shud update this post i guess?

loutus - October 16, 2013

haha.. yeah….

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