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Fantage: Adventures in Wonderland August 28, 2013

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Fantage’s Adventures in Wonderland has been released!

This party is similar to the one we had last year, and both were based off of Alice in Wonderland. Here’s some things you can do…

Picture 8

First, we can go into the rabbit hole like Alice did in the forest and arrive in some sort of strange garden with the red queen and the rabbits. Here, you can play some games with the Queen, or you can click on the rabbit to start your scavenger hunt..

Picture 20     Picture 11

You can also go into the rose garden and put on a special costume to help paint the white roses for the Queen. You get starz and a prize if you work with other people to get all the roses painted. (I’m not sure what the prize is but I’ll post it once Ive figured out…)

Picture 16

Now back to the scavenger hunt… Here are the things you have to find:

Picture 10

The items are all located in the “Wonderland” in the Rabbit hole.

Picture 17 The jam is on the top of the entrance to the rose garden

Picture 14  The sugar cubes are top of the hedge inside the rose garden

Picture 12 The butter is right by the white rabbit

Picture 13 The lemons are up in the tree by the caterpillar

Picture 15 The teapot is on the left hedge inside the rose garden

When you collect all of these items, return them back to the brown rabbit and get your prize:

Picture 19

You can also get your limited items, as well as Wonderland items from the 2012 party.

Picture 7

Picture 9

Well, there we go! Have fun guys, and I hope this helped!

P.S. I am selling my rose painter costume (ecoins)  for WAY CHEAP if you want it for this event. Go to Trade and Sell and look for sales under my username, “_loutus_”



1. ♒ Titania ♒ - August 29, 2013

Your back! I missed you ❤

loutus - September 6, 2013

aw thank you!

2. utubecaster101 - September 2, 2013

wut do u get with the roses

loutus - September 6, 2013

a rose board

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