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Journey Under the Sea August 2, 2013

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Event Info:

event info

Item Carts

Ok, you guys already know this by heart. Limited Item Cart at Uptown and downtown.


You can still buy all the old costumes from the Mermaid event .

There is a new costume for doing underwater research for Ellie. Buy these by clicking on this button at the TOP of the screen.

I’m not sure if this is permanent, but the Mini Quiz and Daily Spin buttons have all been moved up here as well.


You must have an underwater costume to go underwater.

If you don’t want this one, you can buy other underwater costumes from other events at High Tide, or go to underwater place. However, if you want to take snapshots of fish, you must buy this one.

Seahorse Champion Leaderboard

Compete against other Seahorse catchers and win prizes! Click on the Event Info Clam, and see the Leaderboard.


If you beat that person’s score, you will get the items! The earlier you do this, the easier, because the high scores will be lower.


Make sure to keep checking it, as it’s always changing. *The seahorse that you caught BEFORE this underwater event do not count*

Ellie’s Fish Catalogue

The fish are all in that little underwater area. To get there, just go through that glass elevator. Yes, it is very small.

Try and catch one of each fish in Ellie’s Catalogue:


Here are the locations. I put a red circle around all of the fish below and put a red number next to it that matches to the numbers in the picture above.


It’s very small because the picture is so wide, so click on it to make it bigger.

Once you get all the fish, you get a prize:


Deep Sea Escape Game

Click on the Deep Sea Escape sign in the Underwater Tunnel to start.


Directions ~ very simple


Keep pressing the right arrow to swim forward, and the up/down arrows to dodge the sea urchin, puffer fish, jelly fish, and octupus. Collect the stars on the way to get extra points. There’s also a meter at the top to tell you how far you’ve gone.


That’s it for this event, so have fun!


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