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Fantage Mermaid/Underwater Event July 26, 2013

Posted by astrid in Fantage, Fantage Help And Cheats, Fantage Items, Fantage Updates.

This is a weird event. A weird, weird event.

(Also, sorry for not posting the last event, I thought I’d give the others authors a chance to post but they didnt take it)

Picture 10

So Yeah, Kawaii, the owner of Sun Block, has been turned into a mermaid and we have to get her back. Go see Orion in Uptown to start the Gem Scavenger Hunt!

Picture 3

Picture 12  (The Opal is at the Dock)

Picture 18 (Topaz on the Cruise Ship)

Picture 19 (Garnet on top of the Lighthouse)

Picture 20  (Amethyst in the Underwater Tunnel) YOU NEED A SUIT TO GET TO IT

Now, bring all the gems to Orion to get your prize! (A Shirt and a sticker)

Picture 21

Now, you can go Seahorse Catching! Get a scuba diving suit and go over to the underwater tunnel.  (You can get up to 50+ levels from this! :D).For scuba Diving (Its a whole different thing) Get near the coral on the right and click the “Play” button when it appears.

Picture 2

Picture 9

Also, there some limited items too…

Picture 1

And thats pretty much it. Have fun guys 😛



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