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Fantage Summer Camp Out Event July 12, 2013

Posted by astrid in Fantage, Fantage Help And Cheats, Fantage Updates.

Fantage has released the Summer Camp event!

Picture 5

The Summer Camp was first introduced  last year, the same time the campgrounds were built. if you’ve noticed, the campgrounds were not open until the summer event came. But now that it has arrived, there is much to do!

Picture 13

First, you should go to the campground and check out your cabin. There is a boy’s cabin, and a girl’s cabin. Inside, you will find a free gift waiting for you. Click the duffel bag containing your gift. (The gift is for both members and non members)

Picture 16   Picture 21 (its a t-shirt :P)

In the cabin, you can also participate in the pillow fight by simply going over to the wardrobe and putting on pajamas, then clicking the pillow fight button on the left side of your screen. This will bring up a circle thing with a cross (crosshead?) and all you have to do then is click on a user to throw the pillow. (Beware, they will most likely seek their revenge :P)

Picture 20

Next, you can purchase canoe costumes (which were similar to last year’s I think?) to go fishing in the lake for starz and fish!

Picture 10

And while we’re on the subject of purchasing things, you can check out the limited items cart.

Picture 9

Finally, Fantage has made an old-fashioned Boys vs. Girls event at the island concerning the beach fashion shows! Its a Fashion Showdown! Play the Beach Fashion show now for not only levels, but all the points you get for each game will be added to the grand total for your gender, and the winning gender will get this huge statue put up for them at the camp!

Picture 14

Have fun and I’ll see you later, Campers!



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