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Authors Decided July 2, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

We are very proud to reveal 3 new authors for the blog!

We have chosen 3 for now but we may look for more authors in the future 🙂

The 3 people are:

Loutus from LoutusFantageFlower!

Pinkstarbritney from MyRandomGuide!

Casey from Fantageville!

If you can all contact me somehow (Comment, Xat, Facebook etc..) i will tell you your rules and make you an author 😀

Well done!

~ Wind & Slippy ~


1. ashley0711 - July 2, 2013

im contacting you somehow lol

2. ashley0711 - July 2, 2013

they are lucky! i wish them good luck!

3. foreverball11 - July 2, 2013

Congratulations everyone! Good luck as an author.

4. Pinkstarbritney - July 2, 2013

Reblogged this on My Random Guide and commented:
I’m so lucky to be chosen as one of the authors! Thank you Wind! 😀 I’m so excited right now.

5. sunnysky46 - July 2, 2013

Congrats guys! Like what foreverball11 said, Good luck as an author!

6. jemmie12345 - July 3, 2013

OHMIGOSH! That is so cool! I have met all of them on Fantage before! (Pink and Casey are my buddies, and Loutus used to be my buddy before my old acc. got hacked.)

7. aprsept - July 3, 2013

Wow cool! Good luck all 3 of u

8. Taylor_Swift_Is_Awesome - July 3, 2013


9. loutus - July 3, 2013

Ah!! Thank you so much!! I just found out today and I screamed. So yeah could you email me details and rules to (removed) Thank you! 🙂

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