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January User Items January 10, 2013

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Hello Windippians!!

Today we can vote for our favorite user-inspired item!

You can purchase the items from either Downtown or Uptown

You can buy each item individually or purchase them all for 15,000 Stars or 12,000 eCoins for a discount

You can vote for you’re favorite outfit and get free stars!!

Which outfit did you vote for?

In Peace Police news we will have another meeting on Saturday 4pm EST, 1pm PST, 9pm British time on White Seal in the Cabin at Mt. Fantage. Make sure to tell everyone you know as we will try and find people to report again!


~ Wind & Slippy ~


1. ari love pie yo! - January 12, 2013

omg yay I promise ill make it wind > <

2. coolandz - January 12, 2013

What time will the Peace Police Event happen in Central Time Zone?

bubblegum2933 - January 12, 2013

ok imma be there ok? i was there at the first event imma come every saturday for PEACE POLICE!!

3. hollow72244 - January 12, 2013

is the peace police on now?

4. Parsons1 - January 14, 2013

omg! i FORGOT TO COME! I even wrote it in my agenda, in caps!!!
How foolish of me… Already to fail coming to 2 meetings! I’m so sorry… 😦

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