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Turkey Trouble 2012 Guide November 16, 2012

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Hello Windippians!!

Turkey Trouble 2012 has started on Fantage!

A new event means brand new items! Check out these Turkey Trouble and Guardian Items available at either Downtown or Uptown!

You can get all of these cool items at a discounted price of 24,000 Starz or 20,000 Ecoinz

Along with these items, you can also receive a Turkey Trouble 2012 Medal by completing a stamp book

To collect most of these stamps, you need to head on over to Pet Town and enter the Turkey Barn!

Once inside you can play three cool thanksgiving mini games; Turkey Run, Cranberry Saucer and Pie Maker!

Click Dizzy to start Turkey Run. In this game, you must JUMP (Click Left Mouse) over the Blue Pet and NOT Jump when you see the Pink Pet, hold the left mouse button to stay in the air longer!!

If you bought the Guardian Items which i mentioned earlier, you can go super fast and get loads of points if you go over this Magical Flying Golden Bird Thing xD (Make sure you are wearing the Flying Sand Wings before you start the game!)

If you achieve a very high score (We think this is around about 1000 points) you unlock a Hidden Item to match your Guardian Items!

Hurray! Now select Gramps to play Cranberry Saucer! This game is just like boxy but with Cranberry Sauce! xD Stack the sauce as high as you can!

Just like Turkey Run, if you have the Guardian Items you can collect a Frozen Cranberry Sauce Lump which stabilizes your stack of sauce! (Make sure you have the Ice Board equipped before you start the game!!)

You can also receive another Hidden Item if you get a high score! (We think this is around about 550 points)

One more game left, click Butters to start Pie Maker!

Again, if you bought the Guardian Items then you can activate a Pie Base Bonus which means you can simply collect all the pie ingredients and it gets you points! (Make sure you are wearing the Pixie Dust Board before you start the game!)

Just like the other two games, if you get a high enough score (We think this is around about 500 points) you get another Hidden Item!

Also in the Turkey Barn you can enter the Secret Turkey Room by clicking on the Bookshelf on the left!

When inside, click on the Bag on the table to receive a Free Accessory! 

To get the medal, we need to return a turkey to the Barn, we do this by using the Turkey Trap‘ button on the left hand sign of the screen. There are 5 in total, one is at Mt Fantage…

Another at The Carnival…

Another on The Cruise (Sea Breeze)…

Another inside Sun Block at The Beach…

And finally, one is at The Forest, i just missed him in my picture (Speedy Turkey xD)

Sometimes, you won’t get turkeys but other animals instead. You can get Starz, Stickers and even a couple of Thanksgiving Items if you get these animals by accident.

Almost done, now go and order some special thanksgiving food aboard Sea Breeze and check out the new Waiter Costumes!

Finally, check out the new IDfone Carts, placed all around Fantage!

Done! Now you have collected all the stamps, look how cool they look!

And now that you have them all you get your Turkey Trouble 2012 Medal!

And there you go! A complete Turkey Trouble Guide/Walkthrough! We hope this has helped anyone who has found this tricky! If it did then please do leave some comments and keep on coming back to us for all the Latest Fantage Updates!

[UPDATE. It took me a very long time just to take some pictures and blog about this event, so i dread to think how long it took the workers over at Fantage to put this event into the game. They work insanely hard  and most are required to do overtime. We all should recognize their contributions!]


~ Wind & Slippy ~


1. ♫Ƭαʏℓσя♡ - November 17, 2012

Hey Wind or Slippy,

Do you know how many points to get the sand board from the turkey run mini-game? I got 600 and still not board. Then I tried 600 with no health loss but still not board? So how many? q.q


juicybox - November 17, 2012

I know i want to find out toooo tell me anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fantasticage - November 17, 2012

We believe that it is 1000 Points!

Meggy - November 18, 2012

I just got the board 😀 I got 839 ^^ and then I died so yea 😀

Meggy - November 18, 2012

oh yea btw if you see me on fantage, add me? ^^ I’m emerald_57 🙂

wendy7500 - November 18, 2012

it should be about 1000

2. c@ndy - November 17, 2012

i want to know the same thing but for the pie game i rlly want thoose wings!!!

moshimonsters659 - November 17, 2012

i got it for 600 points

Meggy - November 18, 2012

I got it for 500 points…

3. sharon9326 - November 17, 2012

anyone know SCORE to unlock that board in turkey run?????

anp123 - November 17, 2012

i got it for 830 points !! ^-^ WELCOME

4. sharon9326 - November 17, 2012


Synthia_K - November 17, 2012

Get the golden bird to help you. That’s how I got mine. ^^

5. sharon9326 - November 17, 2012


6. anp123 - November 17, 2012

Anybody? Do you know how many points to get the prize from the Cranberry Saucer mini-game? PLZ

7. ♫Ƭαʏℓσя♡ - November 17, 2012


Turkey Run: 1,000 Points
Cranberry Saucer: 500 Points
Pie Maker: 600 Points

alana805 - November 17, 2012

thx taylor

alana805 - November 17, 2012

is it for nons also??:)

Meggy - November 18, 2012

yes it is nons also 🙂

O_O i love pie - November 17, 2012

thank you!!<3

brianna - November 18, 2012

i just lost my membership so can u still get the prises if u earn enough points?

8. Nat - November 17, 2012

Thanks! It helped a lot 😉


9. Mystic - November 18, 2012

ohhh for the wings its 500 points and the stick or cane thing is also for 500 points, but just in case, try to get over 500 like at least 520 for the pie maker and 520 too for the cranberry saucer game too, but for the board, 1000 points? i thought it was 500+ and then i stopped and no board omg!! now i have to reach 1000!!! urghh but thanks for telling me the points. Thanks so much!! :))

10. Mystic - November 18, 2012

Wait wait !!! Here are the scores to get the item for each turkey game!!!
Pie Maker: 520
Cranberry Saucer: 520
Turkey Run: 850
I just found out that you have to get 850 to achieve the board!! I was going for 1,000 like this website said, but I accidentally died at 853 and I got the board! I don’t think you’re supposed to get at 1,000 because I didn’t get to 1,000 but I got the board. So, that is the actual scores for each turkey game for 2012! ~ ACTUAL SCORES~

brianna - November 18, 2012

thankx mystic!!

11. I LUV FANTAGE - November 24, 2012

To get the wing you need to get 600. I died at 550 and did not get it. 575? No. You need to get 600. 🙂

12. pinky!!! - November 28, 2012


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