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Whack A Veggie! September 5, 2009

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Hello Windippians!


Fantage Have Released Their Latest Game Whack A Veggie!

Although I Must Say This Is Quite Odd As One Of The So Called Veggies Isnt A Vegetable At All. Otamot The Tomato Is Actually A Fruit. Looks Like The Fantage Team Messed Up A Bit Here Lol


The Aim Of The Game Is Simple You Must Hit An Onion [Noino], Tomato [Otamot] And A Aubergine [Gaji]. [If You Havn’t Already Noticed The Names Of The Veggies Are Anograms Of There Real Vegetable Names. Apart From The Aubergine, Ive Never Heard Of An Ijag!] Anyway In Level One Your Up Against Noino!


A Very Simple Level Is Level One But Level Two Introduces Otamot!


With Him And Noino Dealt With You Go Up Against The ‘Strongest’ Of The 3 Veggies Gaji!


So You Complete Levels One, Two And Three But All Is Not Over As You Enter Level Four You Must Hit More Cautiously [Meaning Very Carefully] As A Delicate Pond Flower Is Brought Into The Game You Must Try Your Absolute Best To Not Hit It. Otherwise You Get -20 Points!

With The Fourth Level Complete You Start The Final Level. It Has All Of The 4 Previous Things In It Plus A BOMB! Hit This Bomb And Its Game Over! So We Recommnd That You Use The Wooden Non Member Hammer Rather Than The Super Cool Metal Premium Hammer So You Dont Hit Extra Things Like The Flower And Bomb.

If You Complete All Levels Then Congrats! Anyway With The Release Of This Game Fantage Have Opened A Competition. If You Score More Than 2000 Points You Get A ‘Whack A Veggie’ Sticker!








So Good Luck To All And Try Your Very Best!

Veggies Copyright

Oh And I Almost Forgot We Have Reached The 300k Hits Milestone So A Party Will Be Coming Later On In The Month


~ Wind & Slippy ~


1. Savannah31 - September 6, 2009

omg i love this game! it so easy you just click on them! lol until lvl 5

2. geljusbea849 - September 8, 2009

oh i have very fun in this game

3. mxide pu - September 14, 2009

yah it it tenth grade and eleventh grade. kind of like a score or a grade, the year is the same as the grade. I have been in both europe and america so i know

4. mxide pu - September 14, 2009

* it is

5. Gaji's PAL - June 4, 2013

I love Gaji. He is my pal.

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