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Lots of updates! June 27, 2009

Posted by fantasticage in Fantage Cheats.

Hello everybody!

Well there are a lot of updates to talk about so lets get started.

Firstly the “Schools Out Party” has began.


Obviously with any party there are some cool FREE Items, these items can be found at the Beach or Downtown.


The three FREE  items are;

The Party Whistle


The Party Hat


And The Party Shirt


Remember to collect those items by Tuesday!

Also Fantage have released a new Beta homepage. Check it out, its Really cool!

That’s all for now.

~ Wind & Slippy ~


1. Donut - June 27, 2009

I Thought You Talked Like This Wind.
~ Donut
Wind ~ If You Actually Looked In The Picture You See Slippy Next To The Items, Slippy Did This Post…

2. frosty♥ - June 28, 2009

nice hair slippy… ;]

3. acemypup - June 29, 2009

hey wind and slippy my fantage name is acemypup and i was wondering if i could be apart of ur website people always tell me i should and it would be awsome i am not a betta but i am at leval 100 people come up to me on fantage and say omg be my friend ands it so nice so please think about get back to me as soon as possible ok? thx bye


4. lulututu - July 8, 2009

sweet green hair its awsome

5. looloo8912 - July 8, 2009

hey i need help!! Uptown there is two people. One is in the bushes he looks like a robber the other ia a girl i think underneath in the sewer!!
who r those people??
im reallly looking for help here

6. looloo8912 - July 8, 2009


7. rinchi - July 14, 2009

r u on fantage now?????

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