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Halloween Costumes 2008 And More October 23, 2008

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Hey Everyone

The 2008 Halloween Costumes Have Been Released!

Here Is A Guide To Obtain The New Items.

First Go To The Forest

Then Find And Click On The Four Pumkins In The Forest


Then Head Over To The Grotto Where Lily Is And Click On Her to Get To Her Secret Shop

Then You Can Get The Halloween Items Of 2008!


Also There Is A Limited Edition Pumpkin Medal Available Till The 15th Of November, To Obtain This Special Medal You Need To Invite Two People To Join Fantage, Then They Must Play For One Hour And Then After They Have Done So You Will Have The Pumkin Medal


Also We Can Get Into Part Of The Modelling Agency!


Enjoy Your Halloween

~ Wind & Slippy ~


1. blondiibutie - October 24, 2008

thats not fair that the mummy costume for girls are only for premiam members…. u said that the party items are usually for everyone… 😦

Wind ~ In The Christmas, Easter And St Patricks Parties The Items Were For Everyone

2. sameer1000 - October 24, 2008

wind i so need your help lol

i need inspiration on the perfect look! all your looks are so cool lol
can you tell me a look that would look good? i need your inspiration lol


3. blondiibutie - October 25, 2008

hey wind umm what if only one of my friends play for an hour will i still get the meadal??? cuz one of my friends said that she already made an acount on fantage…. 🙂 plzz reply

4. blondiibutie - October 25, 2008


5. FantageLane - October 25, 2008

The new costumes look great 🙂


6. fantagecheater - October 26, 2008

um… i didnt use your forest picture. I zoomed into the picture like i think you did and took the pic. If you were to get both pictures and put them side by side they would look different in size, and area of the map.



P.S. If i did use your pic, i would have given you credit because i dont use pics from other websites and dont give credit because i know that most website owners will get really angry at me easily for using their pics, and i dont really think its to great not to give credit. If you scroll down my site youll see that i gave credit for the polls i made to fever. xD

7. blondiibutie - October 28, 2008

sup ppl and wind, hey by the way are we gonna go trick-or-treating????? plzz i wanna go so badly…. 🙂

8. lucy113 - December 6, 2008

there shouldn’t be premium members. everything should b for
everyone! its not that fair

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