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Updates And Haloween October 5, 2008

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Hey Everyone

Fantage Has Released Many New Features 😀

The Furniture Shop Has Had A Update And It Looks Great, You Can Also Get Onto Fantages Website And The Comet!

There Is Also A New Fountain Located At Downtown

In Case You Havn’t Noticed You Can Now Speak To NPC’S

I Also Spotted Another Ninja At Uptown!

And Finally There Is A Haloween Sneak Preview For A Outfit, Boys May Be Getting Something Different


Thats All For Now

~ Wind & Slippy ~


1. blondiibutie - October 6, 2008

yay im the first

2. yongemily - October 6, 2008

blondiibutie are u a boy?Anyways cool wind and slippy!

3. blondiibutie - October 8, 2008

no i am not a boyy are u onne??

4. blondiibutie - October 8, 2008

hey wind slippy are there gonna be any new upgrades like new clothing or new gamees??

Wind ~ 10th Of October Mummy Costume For Girls 😉

5. blondiibutie - October 8, 2008

write back asap

6. blondiibutie - October 9, 2008

hey wind is that a costume alsoo for non members??? cuz im not a member and wanted to know if its gonna be for non members????

Wind ~ At Parties The Item Is Usually For Everyone 🙂

7. blondiibutie - October 10, 2008

hey were is the costume gonna be located??? cause i cant find it in jesters

Wind ~ Another 2 Weeks Or So Yet, I Suspect It Will Be Located At Jesters Costume Shop

8. arianaprincess - October 10, 2008

When will the mummy costume out cuz it not today , ? oh and are you on club penguin ? if u are do you know pingue765 i kno him in real

Wind ~ The Mummy Costume Will Be Available In About A Couple Of Weeks Or So

9. arianaprincess - October 10, 2008

plz reply asap

10. blondiibutie - October 11, 2008

ohh thnx for the info wind u rock!!!!!

11. blondiibutie - October 18, 2008

are there going to be any halloween costumes for boys?? ohh and by the way when are the girls costumes gonna come out???

12. DogQueen - October 20, 2008

told u ppl arianaprincess u DO go on cp!!! way

13. blondiibutie - October 21, 2008

whens the costume gonna be out cause halooween is in like ten days ……. i hope theres gonna be one Anyways cool haloween decorations at Downtown and Uptown…. the gohsts are creaping me out lol ok bye for now

Wind ~ I Expect The Outfirs to Be Released This Weekend

14. Cupcakefantasy - November 5, 2008

I think I know who broke into the model place!

15. cupcakecutie1998 - November 18, 2008

who broke in?
im waiting to go in there

16. fionadavid - December 21, 2008

those update sure are so beutiful i like to join the halloween party and wind plz send me a one message like them in the bottom how plz i wish i have those costumes i want to complete another medal so make it december 21 to get my another medal the gold pumkin its gold wow its not SOULMATE PARTY OR WAT? so plz

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