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Forest Released! May 12, 2008

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Hello Fantagians!

After Ages Of Waiting The Forest Has Been Released! 😀

In The Forest There is…  

The Wizards Domain

It Looks Like A Cat!

The Grotto

Hello Lily

There Are Two Games At The Wizards Domain They Are…


One Of The Games At The Wizards Domain

Candy Swap

The Other Game At The Wizards Domain

There Is Just One Game In The Grotto And It is…

Bubble Bug

The Only Game At The Grotto

And One More Thing, Here Are Lily And Orion The Owners Of The Wizards Domain And The Grotto.


Cool Wizard


The Owner Of The Grotto

~ Wind & Slippy ~


1. yaoyao - May 15, 2008

nice job on ur website

2. Marjon1816 - May 19, 2008

clubpenguin runescape and planet cazmo are so much better in my opinion

3. Cow - June 25, 2008

Staries cheat : get to the third level then click END GAME it will show you your score then it will show you found a gem

4. reszmary - September 1, 2008

wind this is res your name sounds like we have met befor i will meet u at your party and mabie even later

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